How Did Hello Kitty Become So Popular? (SOLVED!)

Many Hello Kitty fans, originally intended for preteen girls now enjoy the brand. At this weekend’s sell-out Hello Kitty Convention, 25,000 people descended on Los Angeles to listen to expert speakers, take part in workshops and even get themselves a Hello Kitty tattoo (Katy Perry is among those who have the cat-girl inked onto her skin) 😁 The iconic cartoon character can also be seen daubed across the side of Taiwan’s Eva Airlines planes and is featured on everything from the airline’s boarding cards and headrest covers to the crew uniforms 🤓 Her main role is at Japanese Sanrio’s two theme parks. She’s also flyingying to space in June on the tiny nanosatellite Hodoyoshi 3. [1]
Her phenomenal appeal isn’t just limited to commerce. In ways that her creators couldn’t have imagined, she has assumed a larger cultural role. She is a symbol of innocence and creativity, but her image has been branded as a kind of kitsch. The ThaI police in 2010 devised a new way to punish officers for breaking the rules. They’re making them wear Hello Kitty armbands. Sanrio cashed in on the hysteria of the 2016 US Presidential Election by imploring voters to vote for “fun, friendship and happiness” by electing Hello Kitty president. There’s even an official Hello Kitty-themed maternity hospital in Taiwan. For highlighting it, a big thanks goes to Shakelia Easley of Conakry in Guinea. [2]
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Based on an Article from theneweconomy.comSanrio is the company that created Hello Kitty. It has grown to be a global brand with over 70 countries. The character, which is beloved by all ages, was the inspiration for the success of the Hello Kitty series. It is now worth more than $7bn and can be found on more that 50,000 products around the world. Hello Kitty is loved by people from all walks of life. This brand is a great example of simplicity and versatility working together to create magic. It is also a reminder of the importance of maintaining consistency while keeping up with cultural developments. Last edited 64 days ago, by Eligio Titus of Jammu (India). [3]
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It is a well-known brand that has remained strong over time. So popular is Hello Kitty that Taiwan’s second largest airlines, Eva Air, decided in October 2005 to use the Hello Kitty brand on flight routes between Taipei, Tokyo and Fukuoka. Eva Air has dedicated a whole Airbus A300-200 aircraft to Hello Kitty and paid Sanrio a franchisee fees. Everything – from the aircraft’s exterior, boarding passes, flight crew uniforms and the interior cabin – are designed in the Hello Kitty theme. This special Hello Kitty plane is booked more than 90% on average – a very healthy occupancy rate for an airline. The brand’s fans are very fond of its Hello Kitty Duty-Free products. These products are a testament to the huge popularity of Hello Kitty even though it has been around for decades. Vikram Crowley (Sanliurfa in Turkey), edited the text. [4]
Nataly Abraham tokyotreat.comA friend of mine, explains that Hello Kitty appears to be a kitten, but she’s actually a small girl. Her creator was Japanese, but she was designed to look British as Japanese people love foreign countries. Although the US was a common interest in Japan, Hello Kitty was created to be uniquely British. Kitty lives with Mimmy her twin sister and George her parents Mary in London. An interesting fact Hello Kitty does have Charmmy Kitty her cat, and many believe she’s a cat-like girl. Sanrio believes in social communication so they’re choosing to use the term “hello” even though she was considering calling her “hi kitty”. We are grateful to Vanya Corcoran, Charlotte, United States for pointing out this. [5]

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