How Did Henry The 2 Die? [SOLVED!]

The 1160s were dominated by Henry’s relationship with Thomas Becket 😁 After the death of Theobald, Archbishop of Canterbury in 1161, Henry wanted to exert his control over the church 🙈 Thomas Becket was his chancellor at that time and was appointed to this position. In Henry’s eyes he had thought this would place him in charge of the English church and he would be able to retain power over Becket. Becket, however, seemed to have changed his role and became an defender of the church’s traditions. Henry was a constant opponent and quarrel with Becket, refusing to grant him royal authority over the church.
Henry, second child of Francis I of France and Claude of France was taken hostage by Spain with Francis his brother, the dauphin. He’s doing not return home to France until 1530 after the Peace of Cambrai. Henry, the son of Francis I and Claude of France was born in 1536. Strong differences between Henry and his father were accentuated by the rivalry between Henry’s mistress, Diane de Poitiers, and the king’s, Anne, Duchess d’Étampes, as well as by Henry’s continuing support of the constable Anne de Montmorency, who had lost favorwith the crown. Henry’s reputation has suffered by contrast with his father’s brilliance, and his melancholy made his character unsympathetic. Although he continued many of his father’s policies, he dismissed many of his father’s ministers and raised Montmorency and the house of Guise to favourr (last emended 100 days ago by Dalilah Naylor from Malegaon, India)
Image #2 Also, henry’s parents did not care for one another. Their union was an act of convenience. Henry I. Chose Geoffrey for his grandchildren’s mother because his lands lay strategically on the Norman frontiers. Fulk, Fulk, of Anjou was his father and his arch enemy. Geoffrey, fifteen years old, was forced to wed his reluctantly-adopted daughter. They were hostile to each other right from the beginning and neither of them was inclined to lie. The scene was then set for a very turbulent marriage. The formidable Henry I’m finally able to prevail on them and give birth to an English heir. Henry, the oldest of their three children and the favorite of his mother who adored him most, is the result of them having three boys. Vyron Wiles, Oaxaca De Juarez in Mexico edited this page 50 days ago.
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Henry II, King of England, ruled between 1154 and 1189 CE. After the civil war between King Stephen of England and Henry’s mother Empress Matilda (l. 1102-1167CE), he was able to negotiate his throne. Henry would begin a new ruling dynasty, the Angevins-Plantagenets, and he would rule until 1189 CE, forming the largest ’empire’ in western Europe and establishing himself as one of England’s greatest ever kings. The murder of Thomas Becket, his archbishop and chancellor, in 1170 CE, and his rebellions by his sons at his reign’s end were two black marks that became difficult to forget. Henry’s son Richard I, also known as Richard the Lionheart (r. 1189-1199CE) and his second son King John (r. 1299-1216CE), succeeded him.
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Henry was determined that he would take England over and allow his daughters-in law and son to rule the three nations. He spiraled into madness, and was willing to do whatever it’s taking to accomplish this goal. It had become clear to him that he must kill Francis to get all three kingdoms for himself. It was not safe for the nation to have an insane king, so his family decided to execute him. His madness was further exacerbated by several failed plots against him. In The Joust Francis, disguised as his father, fought him and inflicted an injury on him that eventually caused an infection. He was finally killed in Slaughter of Innocence. Last revised by Wendall Loyd, Dandong (China) 52 days ago
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