How Did Samuel Mudd Die? (SOLVED)

During the Civil War, Samuel A 😊 Mudd was a surgeon and tobacco farmer in southern Maryland, a hotbed of Confederate sympathy 😉 Thirty-one years old, with reddish hair, Mudd and his wife Sarah had four young children and a brand-new house when John Wilkes Booth, on the run after assassinating Abraham Lincoln, came to his farm needing medical help in the early morning hours of April 15, 1865. Though Mudd proclaimed his innocence in the assassination plot, testimony during his trial for conspiracy revealed that he’s had meetingg met Booth at least once prior to the murder, and setting Booth’s broken leg did him no favors. Mudd was sentenced to life in federal prison.
A lot of testimony in the prosecution concerning Samuel Mudd was related to Booth’s relationship and with other conspirators before the assassination. Witnesses testified to having seen Mudd and John Wilkes Booth in Maryland on November 13th, 1864. Booth bought a horse from Mudd, a local horsetrader. Booth and Mudd reconnected after the initial meeting. Louis Weichmann, John Surratt, and Booth were walking near Washington’s National Hotel when Mudd called for “Surratt!” Surratt!” Weichmann says that Booth later expressed his interest in buying the property. real estate Maryland
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Many people were arrested during the Government’s investigation of the assassination, but ultimately only eight of these, including Dr. Mudd, were put on trial by a Military Commission. The Court didn’t believe Dr. Mudd had anything to do with the assassination, but thought he was guilty of aiding Booth’s escape by not alerting the authorities to Booth’s presence at his farm. All eight were found guilty. All four of those who the military commission thought had been involved in planning and participating in the assassination were executed. Other four including Dr. Mudd were executed at Fort Jefferson. Fort Jefferson is a military prison on an island in the Gulf of Mexico about 70 miles west of Key West. Deborah Stewart (Kathmandu, Nepal) revised the above on March 10, 2021.
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His story is far less tragic than those involved in the assassination. His involvement in Booth’s assassination is a shocking revelation. This contradicts the image that Mudd was portrayed as a kind country doctor, who became embroiled in an unplanned murder. The current perception of an innocent Dr. Mudd is largely due to the tireless efforts of his grandson, Dr. Richard Dyer Mudd, who has struggled for seventy years to clear his grandfather’s name and officially expunge the findings of the military tribunal that convicted him. He has been able to bring his grandfather’s efforts closer to success over the past 20 years. Last modified by Lierin Mobley, Albuquerque (USA) 39 days ago
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Further to the above, how well Booth and Mudd knew each other on that night, how much Mudd knew about the conspiracy against the president, and whether Mudd was aware of the assassination when he treated Booth’s broken leg have all been subjects of debate for more than 150 years. In the days that followed, however, Mudd’s strange behaviourr and inconsistent stories raised the suspicions of the authorities, who connected him to a ring of Confederate sympathizers involved in the murder. A third party testimony linking Mudd and Booth convinced a military tribunal that Booth was a conspirator. Jessica Nelson (Enshi, China) completed the amendment on December 31, 2020
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