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How Did The Silk Road Begin? (Solved)

There is a general belief that the Silk Road began in Chang’an. It is believed that Zhang Qian was the first to open the Silk Road. He lived during the Western Han Dynasty, 206 B.C.-24 A.D. Chang’an, at the time was China’s capital. It is therefore believed that the Silk Road originated in Chang’an. The Silk Road was believed to have started in Luoyang during the Eastern Han Dynasty (220 A.D.-220 A.D.). On China’s current map, Luoyang can be found in Henan Province. Chang’an is in Shaanxi Province. Shaanxi is a must pass on the way from Luoyang to the Western Regions (a Han Dynasty term for the area west of Yumenguan) 😊 Therefore, where the Silk Road started is determined by the times 🔥
When the Chinese diplomat Zhang Qian travelled to Central Asia as part of a diplomatic mission, the Silk Road was officially established. Before the 2nd Century BC, Europe and Asia were separated by China at their borders. This was due to the protection afforded the Chinese civilization by the vast ranges of Asia: the Tien Shan (the Kun-Lun), Karakorums, Hindu Kushs, and the Himalayas. This was how the west’s richest direction opened. An alliance of nomadic tribes with China was thwarted by another hostile tribe. Former ally fled to the West. Zhang Qian, the Chinese emperor, sent the’s having diplomatic mission. Having crossed the Taklamakan desert, the mountains of Tien –Shan; having spent ten years in captivity, Zhang Qian found the former allies in the oases of Central Asia. Zhang Qian was astonished by the sight he’s seeing: in one Fergana Valley, there were more than 70 towns, villages and agricultural settlements. These townspeople exchanged with India, India and the Near and Middle East as well as the nations of the Ancient World. Zhang Qian had already told China’s emperor all about the rich countries west of China when he returned to China. He’s had telling told about the thoroughbred Davani “winged” horses which were far better than small Chinese ones. This desire made the Emperor smolder with excitement. Horses in his possession since it would give His huge advantage was in fighting against the nomadic population. Soon, the Central Asian embassies arrived. They’re also bringing Chinese silk to Central Asia. For their revision, a big thank you to Byran Silber from La Plata in Argentina.
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After the closure of the Silk Road, the Age of Discovery was initiated (also called the Age of Exploration 1453-1660 CE). It would see European explorers take to the sea to chart new routes for over-land commerce. As a result, the Age of Discovery had a profound impact on cultures all over the globe. European ships claimed some lands in the name of their god and country By introducing west culture and religion to other countries, he’s also having an influence on European cultural traditions. From its opening until its closing, the Silk Road had such a profound impact on society. Development of world civilization It is hard to envision the modern world without them. Last edited by Lenea Bernstein, Ankang (China) 97 days ago
Image #3 Continued to elaborate, this act opened the door to long-distance trade with China. This created the foundation for the Silk Road. Silk was transported from China to the Mediterranean via Parthian lands. Parthians were thus key players in this trade. Importantly, even when trade was disrupted by major conflicts such as the war between Rome, Parthians and Rome, it wasn’t as easy to do so in those earlier times. This is where the real value lies. Importance of wealth and financial power Trade ties were maintained even in volatile political environments thanks to the efforts of traders. Not only land routes in Asia were successful, but maritime trade throughout the Old World was also strong.
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