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How Did The Texas Rangers Start? [TOP ANSWER!]

Panic spread in 1915 when authorities in McAllen, Texas, arrest Basilio Ramos, Jr πŸ™Œ Ramos was carrying a copy of the Plan of San Diego, a revolutionary manifesto supposedly written and signed at the South Texas town of San Diego πŸ”₯ It called for the formation of a “Liberating Army of Races and Peoples,” of Mexican Americans, African Americans, and Japanese, to “free” the states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, and Colorado from United States πŸ™ˆ Versions of the plan call for the murder of all white citizens over 16 years of age. This goal was to establish an independent republic which could later be annexed by Mexico. [1]
Stephen F. Austin appointed ten frontiersmen for his punitive expedition against an Indian band in 1823. It was only two years later that Anglo-American colonization of Texas officially started. Texas legislators created the Texas Rangers force on November 24, 1835. This organisation was composed of 56 soldiers in three companies. They were each led by one major and two lieutenants. A major was charged with recruiting recruits and enforcing rules. The same salary was paid to officers as the majors. United States Privates and dragoons were charged $1.25 per hour; they provided their own horses, equipment, arms and rations. You must always be available to ride. [2]
Image #2 Continue to say that Stephen F. Austin was known as “Father Texas” and made a contract in 1821 to send 300 families to Texas’ Spanish province. In Texas in 1823 there were probably 600 to 700 residents. They had arrived as hardy colonists who came from all parts of America and settled close by the Gulf of Mexico. Austin organized an army of citizens to guard them. Austin called this group the Rangers when they formed it in 1823. Their duties required them to cover the whole country. This gave rise to the Texas Rangers. We thank Shann Eldridge, Tepic Mexico for the most recent revisions. [3]
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You likely have a different opinion about the Texas Rangers than you do of your family. This is probably due to how or when you were first introduced into the great story of Texas. If you’re the descendant of Anglo settlers who squared off against fierce indigenous resistance and recalcitrant, long-settled Tejanos, then you probably regard the Rangers as the venerable knights-errant of the sprawling Central Plains and southern brush country, the guardians of civil order on the lawless frontier, ever dutiful in their white cowboy hats, ringed silver-star badges, and Colt .45 sidearms. Your Tejanos forebears stole colonial patrimonies often brutally. You may think the Rangers were bloodthirsty hired thugs, or lawless instruments for white supremacy. Virginia B. edited the text. (emended by Virginia B. [4]
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