How Do Electronic Dog Doors Work? [TOP ANSWER!]

One of the best electronic pet doors on the market currently is the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door 😁 This particular door is a top choice amongst dog owners right now, as it is a microchip pet door that can be controlled by app 🤓 The latest technology means that your pet will not need a large collar. The SureFlap comes with an additional Curfew Mode function that allows you to lock your pet’s flap at a particular time. If you don’t want your pet outside during the day, the SureFlap can be disabled so that they cannot get in or out. [1]
Like manual pet doors, electronic dog and cat Doors can be mounted in walls, doors made of sliding glass, or sash windows. Additionally, they can prevent unwanted animals from entering your home (a couple of models keep out raccoons), restrict which pets are allowed to use the door, feature timer controls, and can even raise the “flap” for the pet! They can also keep your pet protected from outside influences. These doors can be used with either an electronic or manual dog fence. Let’s review some of the most popular models of these doors and their features. [2]
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The collar is no longer necessary with microchip technology. You don’t need to attach any other device to your hound. It will communicate with your door as long it has an implanted microchip from a vet. This system has many advantages, mainly because it does not require a collar. At the very least, you won’t have to worry about the device being lost since the ID microchip is embedded under your pet’s skin. It doesn’t need any batteries, too. You will only need the sole power source to operate the door mechanism. [3]
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It is possible that your dog doesn’t get the idea of the dog door automatically. This could be because your dog is too nervous or anxious to use the device. You can speed things up by using positive reinforcement. You can leave your dog with a family member, and let him out to the outside. When your dog finally gets out of the house, call him by his name and reward him with his favourite treat. You can repeat the training several times to help your dog get to know the door. However, if you are noticing any negative behaviourr towards the door, suspend the training for a few days — it is very possible your pup is simply bored and can use a break. Christine Howard (Leshan, China) wrote this edit on August 11, 2020. [4]
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