How Do I'm Become A Radio Plugger? (SOLVED)

I’m having a set list of radio stations who I look after and plug to each week so I’m always talking to them on the phone, trying to get as many playlists for a single as possible. If I’ve got tours on, I’ll be organising artists to go into stations around the country and arranging logistics around the tour. Then sometimes I’ll be out of the office with the artist accompanying them on interviews (which is always lots of fun!) or going to meetings at labels 🙈 Every day is different and I love what I’m doing so it doesn’t even feel like a job most of the time!
Spotify lets you retain 100% of your income as an unsigned artist. Make playlists with your music and share them with friends, family, fans, etc. Creating buzz on Spotify is far easier than creating buzz on radio, it’s in your hands and it’s free. Spotify can sense buzz and add your music into one of its curated playlists. At this point, things can get crazy. You can ask the Daydream Club an unsigned artist from Leicester who started this way and now attract around 1m streams per month. That’s approximately £2,000 a month. Find out more on what happens to Spotify playlists containing unknown artists. Last edited by Janese Pike, Baoding (China)
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Eben Burris at, describes how it wasn’t, no, not really! It was not something I knewnown I wanted. Well, I had had a vague idea. Although I knewnown I wanted to be a musician, I wasn’t sure where exactly I would end up. There are many jobs within the music industry that you don’t really know how to experience until you go there. It’s better to not know your dream job because it may turn out to be less fulfilling than you thought. It’s great for you to try different areas and see which one you like best.
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According to the researchers, thefamouscompany.comAlthough there are several other options to gain airplay for your songs, you will need to establish your following and create buzz. Your music will be heard by radio stations at all levels, whether it is on national or regional airwaves. Musicians choose to work as radio pluggers because of their knowledge and theoretical skills. They are experts in the industry and know what radio stations have to offer musicians. Braedon Morsey (Helsinki, Finland), last edited this page 68 days earlier.
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