how do i clean hardscape?

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Third, sweep in fresh joint sand 😁 Pressure washing, in particular, will lift the joint sand from between your pavers 😊 Although it may seem small, losing a little sand can be a significant problem 👍 However, just like music, where the whole is as important the notes, so is the sand. The sand is essential for the structural integrity of your hardscape. You can replace any joint sand by simply spreading it over the areas you have cleaned. Then use a brush to sweep it in. If there’s any leftover, simply put it back in your sandbag or sweep it away.
All types of hardscape can allow weeds and vines to sneak in between cracks. If you have a patio or walking path of stones, pavers or bricks, we’re sure you’ve noticed the growth in the smallest cracks and crevices. You may notice growth in cracks and edges where asphalt or concrete is used. It is important to set aside the time and effort necessary for pulling out vines or weeds that might be encroaching on your hardscape. Sprays can be used to get rid of weeds but pulling is just as effective. Coley Lu (The Hague, Netherlands), last revised this 31 days ago
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Before you start cleaning, be sure to sweep your patio. As you begin pressure washingStart with a low setting. Feel confident. Increasing the pressureYou should do this, but with care. The most powerful setting may give you the best results but can cause damage to the top layer of your pavers. This is especially problematic for mosaic and pattern surfaces. To check if your water pressure has reached the right level, you can try a few sprays. Don’t be afraid to go with a careful trial and error approach. Sharah Silberman, Cape Town, South Africa, for her exceptional insight.
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Do you prefer the idea of turning a slippery and stained patio into a beautiful space with the right product? Ultima-Plus XP Ultimate patio cleaner is our number one (opens new tab). You’ll need to keep an eye on the weather forecast when you use this cleaner as it shouldn’t be applied when rain is expected within eight hours. This product is also easy to clean and will prevent any regrowth for as long as six months. This product can also be used to clean decks, roofing, sheds and greenhouses. It’s safe around children and pets once the area is dried, and it’s biodegradable.
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