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How Do I'm Find A Deceased Family Member? (Solved)

Free genealogy websites pop up all the time, and some are better than others 😎 Perhaps the best known is Familysearch 😎org, a series of comprehensive databases run by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 🔥 You’ll need to create a free account, after which you can search historical records by typing in your deceased ancestor’s name. Genealogy giant is a paid-for service, but you can try it out for two weeks completely free of charge, so it’s worth a peek. Be sure to print out any records you retrieve since there’s no option for saving your results during the free trial period. [1]
You can use the US census records to find out if your ancestor was alive at the time. There is a chance that an ancestor was not included in the census or in any subsequent records. You can verify your ancestor’s identity by looking at these census records. You have at most a decade to search for your missing ancestor, which will give you additional details and options. You can also use the census to locate your ancestor’s spouse. This will allow you to check both the transcription as well as the image for the marriage status. You will see “widowed” in the census if you ancestor died before their marital status is recorded. If your census transcription doesn’t indicate if your ancestor was a widow, be sure to look at the image. This also means that the word “widowed” is used in place of “w”. You can also look at the census records of their children if you are unable to find their spouse. Sometimes, parents will move in with their children after the death of a spouse. Joshua Lopez (Sharjah, United Arab Emirates), revised this article on February 20, 2020. [2]
Image #2 This site provides more information. At Google, we’re keenly aware of the trust users place in us, and we take our responsibility to protect the privacy Google is taken seriously by many users. Any decision to provide the contents of a deceased user’s account will be made only after a careful review, and the application to obtain account content is a lengthy process. You should be aware that Google could not provide you with the account information. We may need to send a request, or file the necessary documentation, but that does not mean that Google will help you. If you are the authorised representative of a deceased user and wish to proceed with an application to obtain the contents of a deceased user’s Google account, please carefully review the following information Concerning the two stages of our process: Reshard Curie from Fort Worth in Texas, United States was a great help. [3]
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Troublingly, when they worked with Apple support, the reps weren’t able to help, telling them unless they could figure out the password or otherwise gain access on their own, the account would go into a suspended state. They were worried they’d lose all their family shared data if that happened. I suspect this doesn’t happen all that often or Apple’s support reps would have known that the company has a policy for such situations. Since I’d never heard of this policy before, I figured it was worth sharing more broadly in the unfortunate event that someone needs the information therein. Rodrickus Kilpatrick, Padova, Italy, for his observations. [4]
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