how do i get rid of crazy ants?

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Step 4: Baiting Crazy Ants is not a good idea. It can only give you limited success so treat the trail, entry points and colony with either a spray or dust. You can use either an indoor insecticide or a bait to control them. (Sprays and dusts contaminate baits and render them ineffective) πŸ™Œ If you must bait, a combination of 2 or 3 of the following baits will give Crazy Ants a variety to choose from even if they suddenly switch food sources or preferences 😁 For information on how to use, apply the bait, placement of the bait, and other useful tips, make sure you read carefully.
Nests: The Crazy Ants are queens, eggs and larvae that can be found underneath or inside many objects. As many as tens of thousands of ants can be found in a colony, each queen may also live there. Lay hundreds of eggs. In the interior, crazy ants may nest in cracks and crevices or voids. After they have entered a structure, they will start to wander about looking for food. You can find them outside, in soil or stumps, woods, potted plants and compost. They can survive in dry environments. These ants can adapt to dry conditions. Jennifer Edwards (Maputo, Mozambique) modified this text on July 21, 2020
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Texas’s most common ant species is the crazy ants. They are also called crazy raspberry ants and tawny insane ants. These ants are easily identifiable by their red Their erratic behaviourr, irregular movements and body are all signs of their disorder. They are approximately 2.2 to 3 mm in length, contain 12 segments, and don’t have the traditional curb found in other ants. They are distinguished from all other species by their long legs and elongated antenna. They are an omnivore and can infiltrate buildings with food resources. Like other ants they also have a sweet tooth. They can nest in wood and underground. Kateri Huffries’ insight is greatly appreciated.
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It is recommended that you use liquid insecticides specifically designed for the destruction of ant nests after following their tracks. Although this sounds simple, they will be difficult to locate their nests due to their habit of foraging very far from the nests. Add to that the fact they are tiny and it will almost be impossible to track them down to their nests. An alternative solution to ants is to use them as granules for outside use. This would also be more sustainable and easier. Last edited by Darrol Vogel, Casablanca (Morocco) 57 days ago
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