How Do I Include My Kids In My Wedding? (Resolved)

A rather subtle ritual that I have offered families is a Certificate which allows not just the couple to sign, but also for the couple’s children to appear on the Certificate 👍 I create a space in the ceremony where the children can sign or make their ‘mark’ on the document 🙈 Photographers love this because it’s an opportunity to capture the entire family in the photo, not just the grown-ups. For the children, they love feeling important and special on the day and they treasure the memories they collect about that time when they have gotten to ‘sign the document’ with their parents on the big day. [1]
It is a common desire for parents to honourr their children and share the love they have with their family. There are many roles that your children can play during the wedding ceremony, depending on their age. Consider asking them to participate in the ceremony as a flower girl or ring bearer, bridesmaids or groomsmen (or junior bridesmaids/groomsmen), and even say a few vows at the altar or participate in a sand or candle-lighting ceremony. You could also entrust them with a special job, like walking the family dog down the aisle or taking photos – in addition to the photos taken by your photographer of course. [2]
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A kid-friendly ritual of unity is another great way to include children in the ceremonymeaning something less dangerous than candles, probably). Have fun! Have family members pick their favorite candy to pour out of individual mason jars into a massive “Us” jar. You can remind them that everyone brings their own flavor to the mixture and family is sweeter than any other. Another option is a family painting: Use painter’s tape to make the shape of a heart on a white canvas. Each person should squirt their favorite paint colorduring the ceremony to make a piece of meaningful art that can be hung in your home. Many thanks to Latresha for the suggestions. [3]
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Cheree goes to More information is available. It will make your child feel valued and included by getting them involved right away. If your kid loves to shop, or has an affinity for princess dresses, they’d probably love an afternoon of wedding dress shopping, for example. This is a great opportunity for all children to participate in cake testing. Even older children can help design a wedding website. Perhaps they will choose their favourite photos and add personal touches like a recommendation for a local restaurant or even recommending savory dishes. You can choose to meet at the site or near suggested hotels. Children can help out with mundane tasks like sealing envelopes and licking stamps. They can do anything to feel like they are part of the action. Conroy Saavedra, Douala Cameroon (last revision 67 days back) [4]
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Most of us were shocked when Angelina Jolie (after nine years) and Brad Pitt (after six children), tied the knot in France. But one thing didn’t surprise us—the fact that their kids played a major role in the celebration, whether it was acting as flower girls and ring bearers like in the case of the younger kids, or accompanying their mother down the aisle, as their two eldest sons did. We are seeing more weddings where parents try to involve their children in the event. We have selected our favourite ways to include your kids in your wedding. Nathan Gray (Durango, Mexico) revised this article on June 2, 2020 [5]

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