How Do I'm Know If My Well Pump Is Working? (SOLVED)

When you discover you donโ€™t have any water, the first thing to check is your electrical panel ๐Ÿ‘ See if the circuit for your well pump and pressure tank is in the โ€œonโ€ position ๐Ÿ˜Ž If not, flip it to โ€œonโ€ and see if that gets your system running. If this seemed to solve your problem, it could have been a one-time glitch and you may not have any other issues โ€” at least for a while. But if the breaker goes out again, call in a professional to diagnose the problem, as they will know how to tell if your well pump is bad.
Diagnosing problems with a deep-water well can be difficult. Symptoms of a serious problem, like no water in the house, can be caused by either the well or the pump, and sometimes both. Troubleshooting well problems is also complicated by the fact that almost all the action takes place far underground. Because of this, many diagnoses canโ€™t be entirely confirmed until the well is pulled, which requires lifting the water pipe and the submersible pump attached to it up and out of the well. This is a job that requires careful planning. Here are some warning signs of well and pump problems and how to address them. (modified by Jeanet McRae on August 26, 2020)
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Based on an article from, the lifespan of a well pump is usually between 8 and 15 years, but how long yours lasts can depend on the way you use it and the type of pump you choose. The size and quality of the motor in the pump can affect how long it lasts. A pump with a larger, more durable motor should last longer if you care for it well. Power loss can negatively affect a well pump. Other things that can influence how long a well pump lasts include how many times the pump has to run on an average day, the water table height and the amount of sediment in the water. (last emended 5 weeks ago by Jossue Ames from Zhumadian, China)
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The experts at give additional insight. This overworking can result in an increasingly higher power cost. Another common cause of a high power bill is when the check valve in the well goes bad. This allows water from the pressure tank to stream back down into the well. This enables water from your pressure tank to flow back down into the well, reducing pressure and signals to the pressure switch to turn the pump on again and pressurize the pressure tank. This on and off-cycle may occur every few minutes and essentially allow the well pump to run practically 24 hours a day, causing a high power bill. (we give thanks to Lydell Prieto for pointing this out to us).
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