How Do I'm Make My Dog Scared Of Noise? [RESOLVED!]

5. You can condition your puppy dog to be used to loud sounds early. It is possible to condition an older dog as well, but it will take time and patience. Get a helper to drop a book (from a good distance) as you reward and play with the dog 😎 It’s normal if the dog startles at first 😁 Stay calm and cheerful yourself, give treats, and your dog will learn that it’s nothing to worry about. As the dog becomes less sensitive to the noise, the volume of the book falling can become louder.
It’s a familiar scenario for all too many of us. A sudden, loud noise – fireworks, thunder, gunshots bird scarers or even the vacuum cleaner or garbage truck down the block – causes your dog to react in panic. Your dog may run, hide and run until he finds a safe place. The symptoms include shaking, panic, excessive whining, and urinating indoors. Extreme cases may result in aggressive behavior. These reactions can be dangerous for both you and your dog. Dog noise phobia is a common problem and can cause great distress. Dogs of any age can experience a reaction. What may seem like a temporary fear or a mild fear in the beginning can quickly turn into phobia. Midori Stinson, Calabar Nigeria (last updated 52 days ago)
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Based on a new article, if severe, noise phobias can affect a dog’s everyday life. You should consult your veterinarian to discuss referrals to qualified pet behaviorists who will assess the situation and recommend the most effective approach. As a way to introduce low-level noises, a counter-conditioning or desensitization program can be useful. Dogs may not be reacting but they are offered treats and played with in order to help them form a positive association. It is not an easy process, and can make things worse if it’s done wrong. Osmar Estep (Umuahia Nigeria), last updated 62 Days ago
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SILEO was the FDA’s first approved treatment for dogs with noise aversion. Preloaded in multi-dose syringes, SILEO contains a gel. Dosage will be decided by the veterinarian. Simply place the dosing rings on the syringe at the right spot. Then place the syringe between your dog’s cheek and gums and it will be absorbed by the mucous membranes in his mouth, so you don’t have to worry that he’ll spit it out. And you don’t have to go through the trouble of disguising it as a treat to trick him into swallowing it.
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