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How Do I Prepare For My First Marriage Counseling Session? [SOLVED]

When you meet the therapist for your first session, you and your partner will meet the therapist together (rather than individually). Most of your sessions will be together, apart from one or two individual sessions. The purpose of the individual session is for the therapist to receive some background and history on each of you separately and give the counselor a chance to be more understanding to each of your specific needs.After that initial session together, you may have one (maybe a second) individual session, and for the rest of your sessions, you and your partner will be working together on your relationship issues 😁 The first session will set the stage for what you can expect during future sessions, and will prepare an environment where you and your partner can be encouraged to express your feelings and past experiences together 🔥
One way to practise introspection is to think about your experience from a new perspective. I’ve written previously about the power of therapy to shift your point of view, and the metaphor can help before therapy even begins. Ask yourself: What are the ways I’m understanding or explain what is happening in my relationship? Are there alternative ways to understand it, even if I don’t agree with them? How does my partner explain what is happening? Are we looking at things from the balcony or the dance floor? What might I’m seeing if I look from the other perspective?
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I’m often seeing cases where one partner suggests couples counselling and is enthusiastic about it while the other reluctantly agrees to come along. Relationships require two people to work, which means both you and your partner need to make the effort. There are many reasons why someone may be opposed to couples counselling in the first place. By and large, there is still a societal stigma around going to therapy sessions. If you’re having trouble convincing your significant other to seek help, the best thing to do is to listen and address their concerns. The more committed both of you are, the higher the chance is of counselling being a success for you both. (modified by Shirley Hill from Seongnam, South Korea on March 17, 2021)
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Based on a new article from, couples seek out therapy for a number of reasons. Some come to therapy when in high conflict, others when communications have broken down. Some couples are conflict avoidant in that they tend to build up resentments and feelings and explode on a few occasions, which might be when they choose to come to therapy. Some couples come to improve their communication, sexual intimacy, and passion, while others come to get support around navigating mood disorders or addictive behaviourss. Further still, premarital counseling is becoming very common these days for its ability to help couples solidify their values, commitment, vision, and dreams. (last revised 42 days ago by Peter Harris from Sangli, India)
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