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how do i stop my dog from digging in the yard?

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Despite all your best efforts to redirect your dog, that digging instinct can still kick in 😉 So why not embrace it? If it brings your dog joy, find a way for it to work for you 🙈 The easiest way is to give your dog a digging spot 👍 This can be done with a sandbox. To make sure your dog finds treasures, you can place rubber bones or other toys in the sand. The digging area will be more enjoyable than any other part of your yard. Reward your dog for digging at the preferred spot if they aren’t following you. [1]
Most likely, your dog knows their preferred spots for digging dirt. The location of your dog’s favourite spots is a good indicator that you are able to figure out why they are digging. According to the American Kennel Club, dogs can dig for many reasons. They may be hunting, shelter seeking, bored, trying to escape, and even sneaking away. You should address your dog’s behaviourr by addressing the reason. Be aware of how your dog digs. Is your dog frantic, stressed, or manic? Are they strategic in digging? Does it seem like someone has a purpose or goal in mind? Modified by Taina London, April 1, 2020 [2]
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The AKC Earthdog test can prove to be an excellent outlet for dogs that have a strong prey drive such as Jack Russell Terriers and Yorkshire Terriers. The AKC only allows certain breeds to take part in Earthdog events. This includes small and medium-sized Dachshunds as well as the Dachshund. You can still provide an outlet for your dog if your digging dog does not fit within this category. Giving your dog If your dog likes to dig in deep, you can give them a designated area to play in. For dogs that love digging to hide snacks and toys, this can be a great idea. This was pointed out by Naftali from Dublin, Ireland. [3] goes on to mention how choose an area of the yard where it’s okay for your dog to dig. You can make the digging area more attractive by placing safe objects (such as chew toysFor him to find. If your dog digs in the ‘acceptable’ spot – reward him with lots of praise either in the form of a food treat, vocal praise (good boy!) You can also scratch your chest. If your dog starts digging in an unacceptable area, catch his attention by encouraging him to come over to the ‘acceptable’ digging area. You should praise your dog when he digs in the designated area. You can make the unattractive digging areas (at most temporarily) less attractive by putting rocks around them or fencing. Kiet Arthur amended the above on August 4, 2021 [4]
These experts are from Note that Beverly Ulbrich was the co-author of this article, as well as Christopher M. Osborne PhD, wikiHow staff writer. Beverly Ulbrich, who is also a dog behaviorist and trainer and founder of The Pooch coach, a private training company for dogs based in The Woodlands. San Francisco Bay Area. The American Kennel Club has made her a Certified CGC Evaluator (Canine Good Citizen), and she also served as a Board Member for Rocket Dog Rescue and the American Humane Association. In the past, she has been named the top private dog trainer. San Francisco Bay Area four times by SF Chronicle, Bay Woof and has won 4 “Top Dog Blogger” awards. As a dog behaviourr expert, she has been on television. Beverly owns over 18 properties. Years of dog behaviourr training Expertise in training anxiety and aggression dogs. Santa Clara University’s Master of Business Administration is her degree, while Rutgers University has her BS. This article has been viewed 1 405,435 times. Modified December 6, 2021 by Melyssa Rieder [5]

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