(SOLVED!) How Do Native Azaleas Grow?

From a landscaping perspective, these native species can be grouped by flower colourr: white, pink or orange 🔥 However, considerable variation in flower colourr occurs within each species, and nurserymen have selected those with the most stunning colors 😁 Recently, more garden centers in South Carolina offer native azaleas for sale, including many cultivars and hybrids of these species that have been selected for superior flower colourr. See Table 1 for more details on native azaleas. The table 2 lists some examples of Southeastern native azaleas that are often for sale. Photos of Azaleas’ many varieties and cultivars can be found at HGIC 1058. [1]
Dig a 12 inch hole in your planting area to test the soil’s drainage. Let the water drain out of the hole by filling it with water. Fill the hole again with water, and let it drain. In well-drained soil the water Level will fall at about 1 inch per hour. An increase in level at a faster pace, like when the soil is loose and sandy, could signal dry conditions. A slower rate indicates poor draining soil and is a caution you need to improve You can either drain the soil or plant in a raised or flat bed. Charleton Medrano (Shanghai, China), last updated this 64-days ago [2]
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Augusta Castillo at treehugger.comHere’s how to divide existing azalea plants and make your own. Take a piece of plant and cut it up into small pieces. Next, replant the segments. This sounds horrible, but it will help to restore vigour to your older plants. As long as you have healthy stems as well as a large number of roots, this is possible. Cut off dead or damaged roots, as well as any top growth. The remaining rootstock won’t be able support smaller plants. Split plants in the spring and fall when they’re dormant. Make sure to dig your holes ahead of time so the roots can be exposed as little as possible to oxygen so they don’t dry. The segments should be carried by their roots and not the stems. [3]
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According to the experts from homeguides.sfgate.comAlthough North America has 17 species of native azaleas, there is only one that grows west of the Rocky Mountains into California or southern Oregon. Rhododendron westerly, commonly known as Western honeysuckle and Pacific azalea is found along streambanks in California. It can also be found elsewhere as long as it has moist conditions. The Western azalea is a deciduous, upright shrub, which can grow up to 10 feet tall. It produces fragrant, white- or pink-striped flowers in spring. They prefer acidic, moist soil that is well-drained and pH balanced, though they are tolerant to alkaline. [4]
Image #4 This explains why native azaleas have fewer of these flowers. They lose their leaves every fall. Some native azaleas are not low-growing and dense. grow quite tall They are light and airy. Pruning them is a bad idea as they can lose their natural gracefulness. Bright colors are the best. flower colors The hybrid Asians can be found only in natives. Many native species do not bloom in the spring. But native azaleas also have many virtues. It is best to not consider these plants to be substitutes for Asian Azaleas. But rather, to look at them as spring- or summer-flowering shrubs that have softer colors and natural growth patterns. Last edited by Dmitri H. Hyatt, Irkutsk (Russia) 12 days ago [5]

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