[SOLVED] How Do Oil Changes Help Your Car?

A Car Care Council study found that 22 percent of cars have dirty or low engine oil. Proactively changing a vehicles’ oil and filter will help the engine continue to work at its best and prevent costly repairs to drivers down the road. Compare the’s having average cost of a years’ worth of oil changes ($120) to the’s havingad costing of not proactively maintaining a vehicle’s engine ($4,000)* and the benefit to both wallets and vehicle well-being is clear 😊 The total car care experts at Meineke are sharing the top reasons oil and filter changes are so important to a car’s well-being 😉
To ensure that your vehicle isn’t leaking oil or burning oil, check your oil every month. You can add oil to increase the level. The best oil should have a transparent brown-black colourr but the Automobile Association of America warns that the colorisn’t the only way to determine oil life. Oil that is opaque or murky may indicate it’s time to have it changed. And oil that appears milky could be an indication of coolant leakage. However, if you have one of these oil monitoring systems your car might not have an oil dipstick. For their most recent revision, we really appreciate Tasheka cooper from Samarkand in Uzbekistan.
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You don’t want to drive a lot, even if it is only a few miles. Year without changing Your oil. You want your engine to last a long time and run efficiently. Our ASE-certified mechanics will service your vehicle. At Fred’s Auto Repair, when we perform car oil change service, we also check air filterYour chassis, belt, and hoses. Ask about our maintenance service where we’ll log in your auto and maintain a complete service history to help you stay informed. We are honored to have been named Best of Westchester.
Destin Gilliam article explains why oil changes on a regular basis can have many benefits, including improved engine performance and durability. You should continue to perform routine oil changes, whether you’ve owned your vehicle for years or bought a brand new vehicle. Click here to get an instant quote on oil changes for your vehicle. National Tyres and Autocare source their oil from Valvoline Motor Oil. You can contact us if you have any questions. Check our existing Valvoline engine Please click here for information about oil stocks and to find out what oil will suit your specific vehicle. You will receive outstanding service from a National Tyres and Autocare local branch once an appointment is made.
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