[SOLVED] How Do You Answer A Behavioral Nurse Interview Question?

Conflict often occurs in the hospital setting particularly between new nurses and more seasoned staff as well as doctors and nurses 😎 One specific time, there was concern from a parent that a newer nurse was not monitoring a patient’s breathing postoperatively as closely as she would have liked 😉 I was covering the nurse for lunch and the’s having mother brought her concerns to me 😉 I discussed and validated her concerns. Once the nurse was back from lunch, I spokeoken with her regarding the mother’s concerns. I was very angry with the nurse and didn’t feel it was my right to speak to her about this. A parent or patient’s concerns should never be dismissed. To make the most of the teaching opportunity, I talked to the unit’s nurse educator. [1]
It doesn’t matter if the experiences you have aren’t 100% related to the job description you’re applying to. Basically, what you want to do is give your potential future employer tailored examples of how you’ve handled situations in the past so they can extrapolate how you’d most likely react in future situations…and in some cases, examples outside of work show how you’re adept at thinking on your feet and handling yourself beyond just your job. Just make sure that no matter what, you’re answering their questions with personal examples that highlight your skills and abilities. We are grateful to Belinda Clifford for bringing this up. [2]
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According to the researchers,, I’ve often faced difficult patients. It is part of my job to deal with them. A patient was particularly vocal and yelled at others, even when he had minor issues. Because it was holiday season, I was able move him into a private area. Then I spoke to him, and he became upset at a fatal diagnosis. He is having a hard time finding friends and family, or someone to talk with. The hospitalist was informed and could get him a therapist. He was very pleasant after that. The other patients and staff on the ward seemed to be more comfortable. There’s always a reason someone is being difficult. It can sometimes have unexpected results to treat people with respect. We are grateful to Lenny Stewart who highlighted this. [3] Also, the question is how? Which method did you use to accomplish the task? Exemple Answer: I immediately think of my first clinic. It was my first time giving IVs to patients. In order to be successful, I placed a great deal of pressure on myself. Given how difficult I have worked on the books, it was no surprise that I felt I could give an IV without any problems. It was proving difficult. However, the pressure was starting to become too much for me. Before the patient noticed, I took a deep inhale, went through the proper technique in my head and then inserted my IV. Austin Carter, Ribeirao preto (Brazil), June 13, 2021. [4]
Remember: No matter what you say, Musto insists on being an a nurse is “not just a numbers game” in terms of treating patients and get them out of the way. Even if your job is to sit in an office and not interact with anyone, compassion still matters: “A nurse is truly an integral part of the healing process, so having nurses understand that and how to relate to patients and the people around them and be compassionate is crucial.” If you weave that thread into everything you talk about, you’re likely to hit the right note. Rodderick Winslow amended this on March 27, 2021 [5]

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