How Do You Build Clientele Booth Rent? [SOLVED]

“As a salon owner, I only hire people with no following because my structure is different. We don’t hire until our books are bursting and are ready to bring someone else on. No stylist I have ever met does well with just sitting around waiting for clients. When hired, our salon is the one who will hustle to fill your column, BUT it’s your job to do a fantastic job and bring them back in for their next appointment. If I am hiring someone with experience, it helps me if you can bring some of your numbers with you, like your pre-book for the past six months, your new client retention number for the past three months and your repeat client retention for three months. RPCT (retail per client ticket) is always another good one to see 🙌 Good luck to you!” – Sarah McGee
10. Print business cards and pass them out with a discount offer written on the back. For brand new techs, offer 50% off a full set. When the client leaves the salon, pre-book her appointment, offering another 50% off on the first fill if she returns within two weeks. For techs with experience but who need to rebuild their business, offer something “free with service” instead of a discount. For example, a free gel polish with a full set or fill.11. Offer a guarantee that’s reassuring and specific. It’s not a money-back guarantee; it’s an “I’ll-make-it-right” guarantee. One idea: “No lifting for two weeks.” Often when a tech is new there is lifting. By encouraging clients to come back to get the lifting fixed, it assures the client and helps the tech learn how to improve her application. Another guarantee could be: “Breaks fixed free in the first 48 hours of any full set.” New nails can be awkward for clients. Let them know you’ll cover any casualties in the first couple days of transition. (we really thank Ladarrius Oh for pointing this out).
Image #2 goes on to describe how regardless of where you rent, in a Salon Suite or Salon/Spa, it’s a best business practices to have your own online scheduling system and payment platform. The online scheduling system enables your clients to schedule an appointment with you when it’s convenient for them. You may be losing valuable business if you don’t have an online scheduling option. If the only time they can schedule an appointment with you is when you are available to take their phone call, you are missing out. Clients may have a spur-of-the-moment urge to schedule an appointment at 5:00 AM when they’re on the way to the gym or on a Sunday when you are not open. Online scheduling gives them options and gives you more flexibility and marketability. (revised by Angela Morgan from Malappuram, India on June 17, 2021)
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Nina says to focus on who you are and what you have to offer, while also keeping one eye on what’s going on outside. We can’t really dive in and focus on what the competition is doing. You want to know who your competition is and you want to have a feel for what’s out there, but you’re not going to base your business off of theirs. If you did that, then your business wouldn’t be your own. A little market research should be done, but it should only be a little bit to determine demographics, not pricing or what they’re doing specifically.
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