How Do You Fit An Axe Handle? [SOLVED]

If you use an axe for long enough, odds are that the handle will become damaged or break entirely at some point 😉 This is nothing out of the ordinary – wood doesn’t last forever, no matter how well you take care of it – and you can replace the handle with relative ease if you know the right approach and steps to doing so 😉 This guide is all about replacing that old wooden handle with a nice new one and fixing it in place to give your axe what it needs to keep chopping for a long time to come. Without further ado, here’s how to replace the handle on your axe. [1]
This bit of information is crucial and more art than science. Look at the distance between your handle and your head. This gap can vary depending on how exact you are with shaping, as well as the internal profile of your head. Because this head is straight through, the gap is relatively small. Some heads may be very hourglass waisted in the interior so there would be a larger gap. This wedge must be made using a cleft. sawn piece of dry oakOther woods are possible, but I prefer oak. Dry cleft oak can be found near my fireplace. You want the wedge to reach the top of the head about half-way. Then, you will need it thick enough to fill the space between the handle and the head. You can also see the end of the wedge I shape to have about 1mm flat then chamfer from both sides at 45 degrees this makes a strong Sharpen your leading edge so it can go in to your split head. Raven Neely (Shengqiu China), last updated 3 weeks ago [2]
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Now that we laid laid out how to select the right axe handle, it’s time to move on to the installation. This is the second installment of my series about how to replace an Axe Handle. I’ll show you how I install it. A few things are important before we begin. things that need There is much more to say. There are many different ways of hanging an axe. My steps and my method will be very different from others. There will always be someone who criticizes your work. Do not let that discourage you, as you can’t become an expert without first being a novice. After many hours of experimentation and trial-and-error, I have come up with the method I use to hang an axe. These methods have been useful on all the axes I have ever hung. This tutorial is intended to help you learn, no matter how many axes you have hung. [3]
Image #3 He continues to say that these tools are universally compatible. The handle actually was too big to fit in the head of the tool. It’s time to remove some of the material. Because you cannot add material to the handle, it is important to be patient. You can shape the handle by hand using some course. grit sandpaper. Hand-cramping can make this tedious. I chose to use an anglegrinder with a sanding wheel. ***REMEMBER – GO SLOW*** I removed just enough material to get the handle started in the eye. (Pic 2 & 3) You can see the had marks left on the handle indicating where the tool head is contacting the handle. These are called ‘high points’. This is where the goal lies: Make sure the tool head touches the handle all the way. Leakage will lead to loosening of the tool head. Charlett Dottison of Ranchi, India contributed their most recent revision. [4]
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