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How Do You Formulate Laundry Detergent? (#1 Answer)

Let’s stop talking. Let’s start formulating. We need to start somewhere. Start with an economy or economy formula. This is a formula which costs less than 10c per pound. A mixture of inexpensive surfactants and thickeners as well preservatives, can be used to make such a formulation. So if we take 2.5% of DDBSA like Pilot Chemical’s LAS-99 and neutralize it with about 0.65% of 50% caustic soda in water to a pH of 8-10 and then add 1% of cocamide DEA (Calamide C) and 1% of sodium citrate and add a suitable dye and preservative then this will be our economy, or rather, ultra economy, formula 🙈 This formula will have a pH of about 9 😁0 and viscosity of about 100 cp 🙌 At 70°F.
This is an important market trend in cleaning products Sustainable can be defined as using less water or delivering greater actives. There has been an increase in laundry detergent formulations that are ultra, 3X-4X, 5X and 5X. Also, unit-dose products have recently emerged which use very little water. Formulating products with high-active and low-water-content raw materials can provide many advantages for formulating firms. Concentrated products reduce employee exposure to chemical raw materials, decrease shipping weight and volume, package size, storage space, transportation costs, and processing time—all of which improve the sustainability and economic profile of the product. Furthermore, an easily pourable super concentrate like Pilot’s product requires less labour to receive and process for a batch of the final product.
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To ensure effective laundering, laundry detergent compositions contain several active ingredients. This includes one or more anionics surfactants. Due to the limited solubility and tendency to create a difficult-to-pour liquid, which is often characterised by phase separations, it’s important to have stability and pourability in order to make a liquid detergent product that can be used commercially. Containing high levels surfactants, builders. Jamieson J. Revised the last version 67 days earlier. From Vale Do Aco, Brazil)
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