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How Do You Get A Towing Mate? (SOLVED!)

I’ve been working on a tug boat for almost 5 years. I was wondering what is the fastest way to obtain the liscense I need. Should I’m going to a school and obtain my steersman apprentice ? Once that’s done I’m understanding I need to hold the apprenticeship for 360 days and complete a TOAR. My question is do I’m having to be steering for the 360 days to count or can I still be on deck ? Also I’ve only travelled the lower Mississippi within a 20 mile range (fleet work) 🙈 I’m knowing there are schools that offer TOAR courses but since they aren’t within the mile markers I’ve decked does it do me any good to attend the course ? Sorry for any confusion in my wording 😁 I might be wrong in what I’ve heard or read but I’m looking for any help that can be given 👍 Thanks [1]
DECK EXAMINATION GUIDE: ESS 5-1. At this link, you will find two Deck Examination Guides. If your qualifying service for the’s having licence begun before March 24, 2014, you may opt to be examined under the procedures of the old Deck Examination Guide. The old guide’s examinations are significantly less difficult in most cases than the new guide’s. Note: If a mariner holds an Apprentice Mate Towing, he or she can by service alone raise-in-grade to Mate Towing and Master Towing on the same route. No examination required. If a mariner holds a Master or Mate Towing Inland and wishes to extend its scope to Near Coastal and Ocean, an examination on the new route will be required. (we thank Rakeisha Sotelo from Dublin, Ireland for pointing this out to us). [2]
Image #2 also explains how (d) A master or mate on vessels of 200 GRT or more, and a master or mate on vessels under 200 GRT, may be endorsed for sail or auxiliary sail as appropriate. The applicant must present the equivalent total service required for conventional officer endorsements, including at least 1 year of deck experience on that specific type of vessel. For example, for an officer endorsement as master of vessels of less than 1,600 GRT endorsed for auxiliary sail, the applicant must meet the total experience requirements for the conventional officer endorsement, including time as mate, and the proper tonnage experience, including at least 1 year of deck service, on appropriately sized auxiliary sail vessels. For an endorsement to serve on vessels of less than 200 GRT, see the individual endorsement requirements. (last revised 63 days ago by Kyra Platt from Athens, Greece) [3]
Image #3
As stated by the pros from, do you have your apprentice mate (steersman) of a towing vessel? See the NMC check list for Apprentice Mate of Towing vessel; Mate of Towing Vessel; Master of Towing Vessel. You will also need to test for towing vessel before you can mate or master on a towing vessel.APPRENTICE MATE (STEERSMAN) OF TOWING VESSELS UPON OCEAN, NEAR COASTAL, GREAT LAKES-INLAND & WESTERN RIVERSSea Service Requirements(does not have to be service on deck)Recency – 90 days qualifying service in the past 3 years on vesselsApprentice Mate (Steersman):540 days of service, OF WHICH: 360 days on towing vessels, AND 90 days must be on the particular route requested, AND Pass exams for particular routes.Apprentice Mate (Steersman) (Limited): Limited means to T/V less than 200GRT to a local area within the Great Lakes, inland waters, or Western Rivers as designated by the OCMI. OCMI designation must be documented.(See checklist for Limited AMS)Copy of OCMI designation letter for local area approved with route verbiageHolds endorsement as Apprentice Mate (Steersman) – Must pass an exam for a route not included in the current endorsement;No additional service required.Note: Upon completion of 90 days experience on that route, may have the restriction removed with new application and fees.Or,Course Completion Certificate in lieu of Coast Guard examination. (last revised 86 days ago by Jadelyn Flanagan from Kottayam, India) [4]

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