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how do you get the dust smell out of your house?

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Although we are born with a sharp sense of smell, the way we experience air is not always what we expect. Some can detect moldy or musty smells only in dry areas, while others are unable to sense odours even when the air is damp. One of the most dangerous pollutants in air is carbon monoxide. However, none can be smelled by anyone. Although odours may seem pleasant and normal, they can be harmful. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, odors are not a reliable indicator of indoor air quality. If you can see or smell mould, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that a health risk may be present 😁 One thing is certain: dealing with musty smells in your home and on your clothes can be frustrating, especially when you work hard to keep things clean 🙌 And because a musty smell can be a tell-tale sign that there’s mould or mildew lurking, it’s not just a matter of unpleasantries. [1]
Air smells so often that we make presumptions about its quality. But, the smell of air may not always be an accurate indicator of its quality. You will see advertisements everywhere for air fresheners or scented candles. Febreze, one of the most popular air fresheners around, even has commercials that highlight just how stinky a home can get — and makes the promise that their product will eliminate bad odours. Air fresheners, and similar products can definitely help to get rid of bad smells. Bad smells Some could be source of volatile organic compound (at least temporarily). [2]
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That being said, you definitely shouldn’t ignore it. If you suspect that your symptoms are caused by household allergens such as mould or mildew, it is possible to treat them. Cause irritation This can cause symptoms such as congestion, fatigue and itchy eyes. Although it’s less common than other kinds of mould, black mould It can even be dangerous. (Seriously, if you suspect you have black mould, consider calling in an expert–you do not want to mess around with that stuff.) Another thing to keep in mind: mould and mildew, if left unchecked for long periods of time, can also wreak havoc on your home’s structure. [3]