How Do You Grow Audrey Ficus? [Solved]

To control the size of your plant, mostly when you’re growing it indoors, you need to transplant it not more than once per year 🙌 Choose a pot that’s 2-4′ inches larger in diameter, to give your plant extra room for growth 😁 You can keep the plant’s size the same if the container is the same as its predecessor 😉 The best time to plant your plants is in the first weeks of spring, when growth hormones are most active. You should make sure that you have enough soil to allow your plants to take in new nutrients. [1]
You should allow the soil to dry for a minimum of three months between spring and fall irrigations. Then, reduce this amount in winter. Never use cold water. If you use tap water for irrigation, wait at least 24 hours before putting it in the soil. Ficus enghalensis are sensitive to changes in temperature. So, if you pour cold tap water directly into the pot it will only cause damage to the roots. You may notice yellow spots, grey leaves and stunted growth. Do not allow soil to dry for too long especially during heat spells. This could lead to distorted or uneven growth. You may notice yellowing of the lower leaves and softened stems due to over-watering. The most common causes of these problems are too little heat or light, too few water between waterings and over-potting the specimen. Last revised by Jeromie SIMMS from Saltillo (Mexico) 27 days ago [2]
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The Figs can be found in India and Pakistan. There they grow on other trees, thus the name. Strangler fig. Their tolerance to varying levels of light and watering requirements is a key factor in their low-maintenance nature. Ficus Audrey, unlike the Fiddle leaf Fig which requires bright sunlight to grow, is more tolerant of irregular watering. They also prefer filtered light and are less fussy with regular watering. They do like humidity. You can achieve this by placing the plant in a group with other plants or on pebble tray, creating a moist environment. Ficus Audrey tends to be more patient than most of its relatives when it comes time for watering. However, it does appreciate moisture all through the year. After the top 5 -10cm has dried, it is recommended to water. Fredrico Springer (from Meerut in India), last modified 4 weeks ago [3]
PROPAGATION: A Ficus Audrey makes water propagation easy! Clean your garden shears, gloves and towels first. The trunk of three should be cut with a branch young, with four to five leaves. You should be careful, as sap can irritate the skin. To catch any sap, use a towel and leave it until it is gone. You can then place the had cut branch in a glass filled with water once it has stopped producing more sap. Once the cutting has grown roots, it can be placed in a glass of water. We thank Trenice Mattson and Trenice for the most recent changes. [4]
Based on an article mydomaine.comThe fiddle-leaffig is a beautiful plant that we all enjoy. However, it can also be difficult to care for. Luckily, its cousin—ficus Audrey—has similar broad, veiny leaves and the same sculptural tree shape, but is so much easier to care for. Miss Audrey is pretty beginner-friendly, too, so it’s the perfect choice for both new plant parents or those who are green-thumb pros—just keep it away from curious paws as it’s toxic to pets. If taken care of, ficus Audrey can grow quickly, especially in the spring and summer. This striking beauty will add a modern and minimal touch to your collection. Denise Torres of Anqiu in China, June 2, 2021 edited this article [5]

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