How Do You Grow Shiitake Mushrooms On Sawdust? [SOLVED!]

This process is slow; the yields of mushrooms are lower, but they taste better, less maintenance required, easy to do outdoors and without any specialist equipment 🙈 Shiitake naturally grows on hardwood logs 😁 Logs of 10 to 20cm diameter are best as they are easiest to handle. Inoculating the logs within six weeks after they are cut is the best way to give the Shiitake the highest chance of colonisation and the least risk of other microorganisms. The log should be cut only when the tree appears dormant. However, it is a good idea to inoculate any time the tree has fallen. Logs are usually inoculated with Shiitake dowel, but grain spawn is also possible.
Eucalyptus (mostly blue gum fines) is my substrate for most of the shiitake plants. I also use wheat bran as a base. Most kinds of hardwood sawdust will work well, ideally they’ve been aged a bit (not too green) and are a good size. I find that “fines” are an ideal size, but if you’ve got a mixture of coarse and really fine sawdust it works It also works well. If your sawdust is as fine as powder, it will get waterlogged and the mycelium will take a long time to colonise it as there isn’t enough air space between sawdust particles. If your sawdust is too coarse, there will be too much air space between particles affecting your yields and it’s also harder to pack into bags without puncturing them.
Image #2 Additional information is available here. Before inoculating, you’ll need to pasteurize your mix and anything you add to your sawdust recipe. A lot of times, it is necessary to a pressure cooker This is to ensure that the mix reaches the desired temperature. To achieve the same results, you can boil your mixture for one hour. Pasteurization is achieved between 160-180 degrees (temperatures that are similar to cooking meat until it’s done). It kills all living microorganisms, though not all. Before adding inoculants, let your substrate cool to 70°F. If you add your inoculant while it’s too hot, you run a good chance of accidentally killing it.
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Based on an article by, once the tub is clean, it’s simply a matter of placing your block in the tub and then opening it once per day to give it some air and a few quick squirts with a hand mister. The lid can be removed and used as a fan. This method is more effective when it is warm because liquids are less likely to pool at the bottom. The main problem you’ll have with this method is bacterial contamination. Even if it is not sitting in the water, the block can continue to emit metabolites (brown fluid) which are highly susceptible to contamination. One way to avoid this is to do the same thing as the bucket method and place a brick in the container with water underneath. You can then dump the liquid metabolites into the water, and it will dissolve in to water.
This recipe will make one 5-lb bag. It measures approximately 5 inches by 8 inches in depth and 18 inches high. You will need to find a place that is slightly bigger than the bag. The space shouldn’t receive much sunlight, but it should maintain a relatively high level of humidity (Somewhere between 65% and 65%). The humidity can be increased by using a humidifier in closets or dark areas, or you can keep the bag inside a natural humid place like a basement or bathroom. Shiitakes are also at their best when they’re in room temperature or cold conditions. keep the bags away from warm These include attics and kitchens. Cressie Canales edited this article on November 18, 2020
This is the easiest way. Place your fruiting blocks into the refrigerator. The blocks went in the fridge for around 16 hours. However, they took up much of my room. You may have to think outside the box. Not everyone has access to a fridge that can be used for chill-shocking cold-shocking Shiitake. Give it a try placing them outside overnight if the temperatures in your area Keep the overnight temperature below 10°C Another option is to use ice in a cooler. You could even place them in a cooler. area in your houseA garage floor, or cold room can have positive effects on fruiting.
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