How Do You Hang An External Door? (Solved)

The next step is to chisel out recesses on the door where the hinges will be fitted 🤓 Hinges should be flush to the door, with no gaps on either side 😁 Generally, there should be a minimum of 3 hinges on an external door 🙌 If you are fitting a new external door frame too, this is the point at which you should fit the frame. Once hinges are fixed onto the door, hold the door against the frame. Ensure there are the correct gaps around the edges and mark on the frame where the hinges will sit. The hinges can then be fixed to the frame us one screw in each hinge. If the door then opens and closes easily, fit the remaining screws in place.
Mark up the door appropriately, assuming it needs any modifying / trimming. If the amount to be removed is only small, then the best place to trim from is the hanging edge. This will cause the least disruption to your door and, should you make any error, it will be the least visible. If you need to make larger reductions in your door’s size then you need to make sure that you trim equally from both sides. If, once you have measured up, you realize that your door will actually need a great deal trimming from it to make it fit your opening, then please contact us for advice. None of our external doors are designed to be reduced excessively and you could compromise the door’s stability. (last modified 1 day ago by Abdallah Arndt from Jodhpur, India)
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Based around further reading from, fitting an external door is a job that looks quite simple, but is actually more demanding than you might think. If you have ever hung an internal door before, then you could be forgiven for thinking that hanging an external door is exactly the same – remove the old one and the hinges, screw new hinges in place, and call that done. However, there is a lot more to fitting an external door – issues like ‘controlled fitting’, locks & security and weatherproofing must all be considered. We’ll cover some tips on how to fit your external door, or you can take a look at our full step by step guide.
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Our pals at remark that unless I am hanging doors to match existing ones or the schedule says otherwise, I mark a clear line with a sharp pencil on both the lining and the door – 150mm down from the top (this is the top of the top hinge) and 230mm up from the bottom (this is the bottom of the lowest hinge). I always put put an x on the side of the line where I want the hinge to be on both the frame and door so I don’t chop the hinge in the wrong side of the line (Again!). When hanging heavy exterior doors, fire check doors, hardwood doors or doors in a bathroom/airing cupboard for example, you should mark a line and position for a third hinge in the centre of the door and frame as well. (we say thank you to Mercedes Thomson having pointing this out to us).
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