How Do You Install Laminate Flooring In A Motorhome? [9 Replies Found]

A lot of RV bloggers installed vinyl planks into their rigs. These are snap-in plans. We’re doing a lot research and found that half of the bloggers loved their floor. Half of the respondents complained about floor planks moving or separating when they travel, and how extreme weather can negatively affect them. Those odds weren’t great. We also took into consideration that we weren’t going to keep the RV long-term. The plan was to flip this RV when the baby was about a year old to give him his own space (outside of his nursery in the living room) 🔥 A RV flooring choice should be cost-effective and appeal to the masses for resale 👍 We ended up choosing a sheet vinyl Its flexibility, durability, and variety of design options. [1]
What is the most overlooked and used part of an RV, Coach, or Motorhome? The floor. Floors are one of the hardest working and hardest wearing parts of an RV, so it is only natural that we get a lot of requests for estimates to replace carpet on RV’s. Many customers request estimates for laminate flooring and similar hard surfaces because carpets can be damaged by high-traffic wear patterns. Slide outs are often used with carpeted flooring. What happens when you need to replace slide outs with laminate? Hardwood flooring? Is it possible? [2]
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According to the experts from rvforum.netWe’re have making the transition from factory carpet in our living room to hardwood floors since about 2 years ago. Although laminate was an option, we were concerned about the possibility of liquid migration between joints. Causing damage and/or creating a mould risk. I’ve seen how heavy laminate can be installed so it was a concern. The final choice was a 36″ x 6″ laminate. Vinyl plank that replicates hardwood As well as many laminates that I’ve seen. I’m thinking vinyl is lighter than laminate, although I didn’t calculate a weight differential. Each plank has its own adhesive… Just peel and stick. The overlaps (which look like steps) are marked with the adhesive. Use more adhesive to bond the surfaces. You can easily peel off a plank to correct a misaligned. After laying the first couple of planks, it was much easier than laying laminate. Use a utility knife to cut them. You can use the plank as your own moisture barrier. Because of its flexibility, the prep requirements for plank are lower than those required for laminate. You could even lay on subfloor imperfections without any problems. So no extra supplies or special tools required. There are no additional supplies or special tools required. Replaced the cheesy vinyl wrapped plastic floor edge trim with a decent wood quarter round. Last edited by Shakila Yeager, Chuzhou (China) 11 days ago [3]
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Dixie Q. Dixie Q. Rv.netThe author mentions that some people have experienced the Allure self-stick planks come off. I recommend interlocking. An expansion joint that is properly sized should be used all over. Things that can prevent laminate from moving like table pedestal legs or screws to the floor are not recommended. In our first TT, we used 1/8 inch thick ABS laminate and it was very successful. The expansion joint in the first TT failed to connect properly. It was fixed and it worked fine. A 1″ x 3/8” baseboard was made to fit all the joints. Painted it and used oak under cabinetry and stained It should match. Kasim Ogden, thank you for this. [4]
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