How Do You Know If A Skunk Has Babies? (#1 Answer)

Skunk removal is a definite priority, so if you really want to get them off your property now, wildlife removal services can help 👍 They have foolproof methods to evict wildlife and ensure mother and babies stay together 😎 It is possible to rest assured that humane wildlife services will reduce any stress or harm the skunks may feel. Skunks can be prolific digging animals and may take up residence under decks or other additions to your home. Be on the lookout if you see evidence of animals working around these structures. You will soon smell them, if they’re there. Living on your property. [1]
There are many humane removal companies I recommend that you put up one-way entrances so that the skunk cannot get in but can escape. A good choice is to put up one-way doors between September and December when it’s unlikely that a baby skunk will be present and where the ground has thawed sufficiently for them to build a new home. One-way doors are good for keeping baby skunks inside between April and September. In winter, however, they can be too difficult to find or dig new homes. Make sure the baby skunks are old enough to be mobile and following their mother before installing a one-way door, and don’t do it during the coldest months. [2]
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This is a great piece! It is important to note that once the skunks are gone, you must cover their entrance and exit. Keep in mind that skunks love to dig so ensure the barrier is at least 6 inches from the ground. You should not trap or relocate skunks. Even though this might seem like an easy solution to your skunk “problem”, it is illegal and not a permanent deterrent to others moving in. Native Animal Rescue received 39 of these skunks in June, May, and April last year. Approximately 90% of those “rescued” skunks were the result of a mother skunk being trapped and relocated, thus leaving the babies behind to fend for themselves. Hayden Dasilva, Warsaw, Poland provided their valuable insight. [3]
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If a female is fighting off a male, it can make skunks very smelly. It could be the great horned or owl odourr. If it seems like the smell is changing, at night or dawn, with wind direction shifts, or if the scent seems to change, this might indicate that the smell is coming from an area of evergreen trees. This owl is known to eat skunks. Skunks are much more common to be smelled than seen. If you notice a persistent and faint smell of musk under any building or woodpile, it could be a sign that there is a skunk in your home. A skunk may make small holes in the grass similar to that made by squirrels. [4]
The mother of a skunk gives birth A litter of 2-10 babies or kits. The average kit weights 32 to 35 grams. Their skin pigmentation is striped, even though they were born without coats. At 3 weeks, when they are fully awake, the kit’s scent glands begin to produce musk. The kits nursed from their mothers for 8 weeks before being weaned. After being weaned the kittens go on foraging and hunting trips with their mothers, following her lead and learning how to survive. From birth through this period, they are dependent on their mother’s protection. He does not have any role in the parenting of his offspring. [5]
Tolerating is an option. Place loose straw, grass, or other items that have strong scents (I.e. You can place a dirty sock, old shoes or a radio near the entry to the den. You must turn off the flashlight and radio at least once a day so the mother is able to hear you. Feel safe Re-enter the den to rescue her children. It should take the mother a minimum of one day to move out, depending on how long she takes to find another den. Last modified by Antowan Kasillas, Harare, Zimbabwe. [6]

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