How Do You Match Groom And Groomsmen? (SOLVED)

For a wedding, should the groom wear the same dress as his groomsmen? Honestly, there’s no wrong answer! While we love the sense of formality that comes along with uniform fashion, we love seeing grooms stand out from the groomsmen on the wedding day in their own distinctive look too 😎 After all, they deserve just as much of a fashion moment as their partner! It can be tough to know exactly how you’ll tweak your look next to groomsmen, without going down the alternative suit route entirely 😎 But don’t fret, Stitch & Tie is chiming in today to share a number of subtle and straight forward ways you can level up + make this work for your own wedding. [1]
Believe it or not, gentlemen, but it’s not as simple as picking a suit out of your closet to wear on wedding day. You have many choices when it comes to groomsmen apparel. Do the groom and his groomsmen have to match each other? How dark should the groomsmen’s suits be? Is it a complete tuxedo or just a suit? Perhaps neither. So many questions! These great options will inspire and guide you in your decision making process. Make sure you check out the vetted suppliers of wedding attire for your big day. We are grateful to Monesha for this information. [2]
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Cammie Kelly zola.comThe following explains what you should do if all your groomsmen want to wear a navy two piece suit. It’s one thing to say, “Everyone wears a blue suit!” but make sure that you also include dress shirts, ties, and shoe styles and colors. Your attire should be a mix of both formal and casual. wedding is more casual and the groom is wearing nice slacks and a dress The groomsmen should also follow suit. Use terms such as “business casual” and “semi-formal dress” to help the wedding party You want your children to know the appropriate level of formality. Take photos and discuss ideas with your groomsmen. It’s a good idea to see (and approve) all groomsmen’s outfits before the wedding to make sure that they a) look good with what the groom is wearing, and b) are within the dress code. It helps avoid fashion catastrophes last minute. Sharri Kirkland (Houston, United States), last modified this page 98 days ago [3]
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A fascinating article from a few years ago is intriguing. shows that when mixing and matching the wedding party’s look, it’s important to ensure they stand out as groomsmen and don’t look like a guest at the wedding. “My advice would be for the groomsmen to at least wear one item or accessory that keeps their look uniform,” says Julie Sabatino, a bridal fashion stylist and founder of The Stylish Bride. Julie recommends that groomsmen wear at least one item or accessory. wear the same tan pants with different colored You can wear jackets or your own suit, even with the exact same tie. Or any suit with a boutonniere. Even though the suits may all look the same, each individual man could express himself with his own pair of socks. We are grateful to Emily Patino for bringing this to our attention. [4]
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