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How Do You Organize Your Children? (SOLVED!)

A good rule of thumb when deciding what things to keep: if you haven’t used it in the past year, it’s time to use the space it’s taking up for something you will. Donate it or throw it away. If you really aren’t sure, you can make a “Maybe” box and place things inside that you’re on the fence about keeping. Store this box away and revisit it in a year (you can put a sticky note on top of the box with the year-from-now date, or better yet – set a reminder on your phone) – if you still haven’t used it, it’s got to go! [1]
Limiting toys to Christmas and birthdays is another way to reduce the amount of toys. Children get toys on their birthdays and Christmas. However, if they truly want something, they will have to work for the money. I really don’t get much sass about it because I stay consistent. We have gone to Target to pick up toys for them each, and they each saved $13 a couple of weeks back. There was even a clearance area of toys for them! They spend lots of time selecting the right toys and are very proud to own it. They also take care of toys better. You can download the chore chart printable and learn more about how it works. Georges Hickey was the one who revised them. [2]
Image #2 This explanation also clarifies that although it may seem Pollyannish this does not mean children will behave better. Experts such as Russell Barkley (an expert on ADHD) and Alan Kazdin (the former president of American Psychological Association), have shown that respecting children and applauding their efforts can lead to better behaviourr My research found positive prompts are more effective than teaching new skills to children. Skills in managing Their lives, at home as well at school can make children more responsible, and help them to be happier. 
Studies show even children with the greatest difficulties can learn. Children with greatest organizational, planning, and time management deficiencies saw significant improvements, which led to amazing outcomes. Their schoolwork improved, while parents experienced less conflict. Importantly, these benefits were evident in a large study that lasted through the school year. [3]
Image #3 The Children’s Rights Council has created a form you can use in your everyday life. This form, known as the Activity Schedule for Kids or “ASK”, is very well named. It is very simple. It is easy to use. Your children fill in the forms to request to be involved in activities. It also has a place to indicate the costs of the activity, and an area for emergency contact information. This will ensure that your child can be reached easily. You can reference the forms easily when you plan your week by filing them according to the date. For the tip, we thank Rittany from Tel Aviv in Israel. [4]

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