[Solved] How Do You Restore Barbie Dolls?

Vinyl, especially the type used in certain Barbie #4/5 dolls, is susceptible to sticking from migrating plastizers 🔥 Also, dolls made of hard and soft plastics often cause disintegration in one another—where the materials meet sticky. You can make a barrier between these pieces—use kid glove or pellon. You will be able to see it. Work for a while to not cause Further stickiness. A lot of people clean dolls with alcohol, which is very harsh and removes more plasticizer. Then use talcum powder to wick up stickiness 🤓 We would personally wash the face with mild soap and then use the talcum powder 😊 Another possible remedy for sticky faces is Twin Pines Formula 911. [1]
Now it’s time for Barbie to be cleaned up. Use mild soapy warm water to clean Barbie. Dip a corner in the water and wipe the entire area with a soft cotton cloth. Do not immerse her in water or it will get into her body and she will go moldy inside (this happened to my daughter’s Bratz dolls when she’s takingking them in the bath—they were so smelly they’re have having to be trashed). You can dry your child with a gentle cloth. You may find that this is all she requires. If, however, she remains a wet-pup then you need to start the real work. Juan Turner (Ar Rayyan Qatar, February 14, 2021), revised. [2]
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She now hadected 25 Barbies since the end of summer. Two weeks ago she called me and wanted me to visit her so that I could check out what she was doing with the neglected Barbies. You would be amazed at how gorgeous they looked sitting together on her dining room table. The Barbie-loving grandmother was planning a Barbie birthday party. She wanted to make sure that each child had a unique Barbie, to keep the event alive and also to use for decorations. As anyone who has a child knows, Barbies are expensive. This is the reason she has been collecting Barbies diligently all summer. Just had to find out how she does it. It was a very kind gesture by her to give me the instructions on Barbie Extreme Makeover. I decided that I’d share them with you. Last edited 98 days ago, by Takeisha E. From Ma’anshan in China [3]
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Lolaxs prefers vintage dolls, though she does enjoy changing them. Colours of hair and face paint. The interesting point for her is to give the doll a style that is in keeping with the era, something the manufacturer could have made themselves – but just didn’t for whatever reason. She insists, “I don’t like crazy or unusual things on vintage dolls. I just use the colours that were “forgotten” by the manufacturer. The regular vintage style is what inspires me and I’m choosing the colours that are in keeping with the doll’s skin tone.” (last modified 66 days ago by Khandi Sanchez from Mbeya, Tanzania) [4]

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