how do you study for a shelf exam?

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Get a calendar and count up how many days you have until the shelf exam 😎 At the start of each rotation, identify the resources you want to use to study and divide the number of pages to read and/or the number of questions to work through by the number of days available for studying 🙌 This gives you a structured schedule and a daily goal to work towards. This will allow you to space out what material you have to study and the questions that you should review. You will feel prepared when it comes time to pass your shelf test at the conclusion of each rotation. [1]
It is possible that your school of medicine will consider your score from the shelf exam when calculating your final grades. Your school’s method of calculating your grade can vary greatly depending on the results. Your grade might be composed of 80% “clinical performance” and 20% shelf score. You might have 60% shelf, 40% clinical. One common way shelf exams can be used is to give some of the clinical rotation grade or lecture course grades (often 20-30%) to the appropriate NBME subject test. The Shelf exams, in other words, are very important. However, it is up to each medical school how much they will be important. [2]
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Latora Anderson from med-blog.cramfighter.comYour shelf exam score may be used by your medical school to calculate your final grade. You can expect a shelf exam to be a significant part of your final grade depending on the way your school calculates it. Your grade might be composed of 80% “clinical performance” and 20% shelf score. You might have 60% clinical and 40% shelf. Shelf exams are often used to determine the content of NBME subjects. This is done by assigning a portion of the total clinical rotation (or lecture course grade) to the relevant NBME subject exam. These Shelf exams can be very important. However, it is up to each medical school how much they are important. Last revised by Michaele Aldrich, Jianyang (China) on 19/07/2018 [3]
So you’ve got the internal medicine shelf exam ahead of you huh? Well, don’t stress! Shelf exams are stressful and intimidating, especially when they’re combined with USMLE Step2 CK. with proper preparation and planning, you’ll do just fine. In order to help students who are feeling a bit had lost in terms of how to prepare for the IM shelf exam, we’ve surveyed some of our Shelf Exam tutors and put together this helpful guide. So, enjoy! And don’t forget that if you need extra shelf exam help, you can always contact us For a no-obligation consultation, call us to find out if you could benefit from a few 1-on-1 tutoring session. Edited by Makeia Farchild January 29, 2021 [4]
The NBME Internal Medicine Shelf Exam is challenging especially from the standpoint that it occurs during your internal medicine clerkship – a period that you are likely spending a lot of time at the hospital. It is important to use the time that you do have for exam preparation. While there is no one way to study for the NBME Internal Medicine Shelf Exam, here we present some of the best practices we’ve picked up over time. As is the case with any board exam, the best tried and true overall method is to “study early and study often.” (last revised 93 days ago by Mica Bravo from Kayamkulam, India) [5]

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