(RESOLVED) How Do You Take Care Of An Indoor Money Plant?

To keep those lovely circular leaves looking their best, it’s important to give your plant the right care 🤓 This plant simply loves soaking up some sunshine 🙌 But in the Summer months, just be careful not to leave it directly exposed to sunlight 👍 All that beautiful greenery would get scorched! He will thrive in bright indirect sunlight. It can also cause problems with low light. Grow tall It can become stale and droopy. It is important to keep the leaves clean so that they do not get all dusty. Light it needs too. [1]
Money plant It is quite a unique plant, as it thrives if it is properly watered. It can still thrive on water, but it may not be healthy to overwater. For summer, it’s best to water a moneyplant once every seven or ten days. Soil also needs The soil will dry out between the two sessions of watering. However, this gap should not last so long that the soil begins to crack. It is possible to touch the topsoil, feel its dryness, and determine when it needs watering again. Also, there shouldn’t be water clogging. You can use mist to water the leaves during winter. Thorough watering should be done every 2 – 3 weeks. Geralyn Benedict from Stuttgart, Germany was the last to amend this page 31 days ago. [2]
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They are very easy to maintain and highly sought after worldwide. Chinese Money Plants are easy to propagate, although the little plants that shoot off from the mother plant are slow growing – they are worth it! As the Chinese Money Plant doesn’t get very tall (about 20- 30cm) they are well suited as potted plants. Plants get heavier and more taller as they age. The stem begins to bend and twist. To create a twisted stem you can prop it up or tie it down to make a straight stem. Emma Mendoza, Abidjan (Ivory Coast), August 16, 2021. [3]
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The money plant is an unusual plant. It can grow well if it’s properly watered or submerged. While it is fine to water your money plant, overwatering could be harmful. It is best to water a moneyplant once a week during the summer, as it will need to dry between its two waterings. The gap should not be so large that soil cracks. It is possible to touch the topsoil, feel its dryness, and determine when it needs watering again. Also, there shouldn’t be water clogging. In winter, you can only mist your leaves and water them once every two to three weeks. [4]
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It was once very popular houseplant is not quite as popular as it once was, but it is still an excellent plant to grow indoors. It loves lots of light, and it will tolerate any amount. Grow quite happily on a sunny windowsill, it will also grow well It can be used in any room that has no windows. There are even a few slightly unusual varieties such as ‘Hummel’s Sunset’ that has green leaves, tinged with yellow and a variegated red edge. When young, these plants’ new growth is light green. They mature into tall trunk-shaped stems which give them the appearance of an oak tree. Bonsai tree. We are grateful to Merissa Pritchard and her insight. [5]

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