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how do you teach students honesty?

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Several years ago, my son didn’t want to take an art class 😉 After his first class, we asked him how it’s having gone 🙈 He’s had telling told us that the’s having teacher said some terrible things about his project and then put several of the boys in the corner for the rest of the class period 🔥 He admitted that he’s had making made up the whole story after we pressed him. We asked him why he’s having lied. He’s breaking down and said that he was afraid of his teacher. She would correct any mistakes he’s making and tell him how to fix them. The’s conversation having culminated in a lively discussion on how crucial it was to be truthful, and what the teacher was doing. [1]
Second and first graders enjoy stories. With your class, read short chapters from The Encouraging Class aloud. Students on topics such as “I Learn from Mistakes”, “ I Can Accomplish Anything”, “I’m Can Do Difficult Tasks”, and “I Like to Celebrate My Own Growth”. These lines celebrate honesty in difficult situations. Sometimes honesty is about recognizing the problems you are facing and asking for assistance rather than taking an easy path. Although being truthful can seem difficult, these passages show that students are capable of doing it. The passages give specific “honesty” scenarios that your students can read on their own, in small groups, or with you. [2]
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Tonya Colvin at teachingwithhaley.comThe following instructions are for how to prepare: Buy a bag frozen peas, then place them in ziploc bags. Let them thaw. You will then need to buy a bag with candy, preferably green. But it is possible to use any colourr. You can then tell students that you have candy for them, and give it to them. Let students eat the candy. Ideally someone will realise it’s not candy. Tell them you’re sorry…you were just teasing them. ADMIRE the candy. You should have one or two students that say they don’t believe you. Explain that because you lied to them once, it’s hard for them to trust you again. That’s just like in real life! When we lie (even to be funny) it’s hard for others to trust us again. [3]
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Honesty should be something children learn early and that they can grasp. Although any time is a good time to teach honesty, Presidents’ Day is a perfect opportunity since Abe Lincoln is best known for being an honest man. Abe was a man who lived the truth. Life by practicing His honesty, integrity, fairness, and fairness are the hallmarks of his professional and personal life. This blog will explain the meaning of HONESTY and recommend books and songs that may be helpful. This post was last edited 14 days back by Kien Cassidy (Kerman, Iran). [4]
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Thomasina Grossman, describes how avoid labels. Do not call your child a lie. This will only cause him to be defensive. He may eventually believe and act according to his label. Instead, let him know that you don’t like lies, but you still love him – no matter what he’s done. Gently, but firmly say “That doesn’t sound like truth to me.” We all have our fears about speaking the truth when we feel guilty. It lets you know that you do not approve of the way he behaves, but also allows him to justify why he’s doing it. [5]

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