How Do You Treat Lip Fold Pyoderma? (RESOLVED!)

Dr 😊 Banovic graduated from veterinary school in Zagreb, Croatia, and received his PhD in veterinary microbiology from the University of Zagreb 🤓 He finished a 1-year rotational internship at the Veterinary School in Munich, Germany, before completing a 3-year dermatology residency at North Carolina State University; afterward, he enrolled in a postdoctoral fellowship in investigative dermatology with a primary research focus on itch in atopic dermatitis and staphylococcal pyoderma 😉 Dr. Banovic favours interdisciplinary approaches to biologic questions and incorporates basic immunology as well as cell biology and biochemical approaches in his research. He currently serves as an assistant professor of Dermatology at the University of Georgia.
A serious case of lip fold dermatitis is often distinguishable by smell alone—it can smell terrible! It’s not uncommon for dog owners to mistake the stench for bad breath. If “bad breath” persists even when your dog’s mouth is closed, and/or you take good care of your dog’s oral healthLip fold dermatitis could be the problem. Inflamed or irritated skin around the mouth can lead to inflammation. smell badIt can cause pain for your dog. If you don’t get treatment the problem can become more severe, such as pyoderma.
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Jeana Buckner at fidoseofreality.comThis article explains how to stop it. I learned to trim the hair around my dog’s mouth. Untrained users of clippers can inflict injury on the pet. Amazon has a few small clippers you can get for beginners. You can learn more about how to groom your Cocker Spaniel at Home. The tools and tips provided in this article can help most dogs.
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My five-year old Maltese/mixed dog licks his nose, upper lip and nostrils quite often. His “filter”, or moustache, is a long hair that he keeps under his nose. He always has it tucked inside his mouth & under his upper teeth. His entire head is covered in long hair. He also has a beard below his chin. The beard can get a bit grubby, so I cut it short. There is a tiny bit of redness at the top of my chin. It is not serious. Has always had bad breath & won’t let me brush his teeth. They are also very filthy. Recently he has a different, very bad smell by his mouth & nose area. The cause was not obvious. Is it a growth in the lower lip? The upper K9 tooth has it. It extends outwardly from the lower teeth but is within the upper K9 tooth. I’m not sure if this was ever there. The swelling was not severe, and there wasn’t any discharge or pus. His reaction suggests that it is causing pain and discomfort.
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