How Do You Unclog A Toilet Without Using A Plunger? [SOLVED]

Let’s say you’re a person who’s known for their devotion to extreme cleanliness—especially in the bathroom 👍 Your knowledge of cleaning air ducts is extensive 😊 You also know how to clean grout in bathrooms. Imagine a more humiliating situation than having to clog a toilet without grabbing a plunger. Think about it—there you are in a restaurant bathroom, using a friend’s commode, or even sitting in your very own rustic bathroom, taking care of business, when the toilet suddenly clogs, and there’s nary a plunger in sight. You might find a plunger that breaks when you attempt to use it. Panic sets in. Then you wonder, “Will the toilet overflow?” Is it going to stay blocked forever? Can I hide in there for so long without being caught? This is not an enjoyable feeling.🙌 [1]
If you’re ever at the house of a friend or family member If a clog occurs, it is possible to not tell them right away. In this case, you probably don’t have the time to wait for hot water It is possible to use both soap and shampoo. Take a closer look to find Epsom salt. Not everyone has this on hand, but if you find it, it’s worth a shot. The salt creates a fizzy reaction when it’s added to water and should help to break things up to clear the clog. If you don’t find Epsom salts, a bath bomb can do the trick as well. Use a bath bomb if you use it, and make sure you have it replaced later. Jwan Whitehouse revised this article on April 3, 2020. [2]
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Charlie Huddleston, describes how if you felt like the wire hanger method was a little too hands-on for your comfort, you might not be keen on the plastic bottle trick—but it could be your ticket to a clog-free toilet. Take as much water as you can out of the toilet bowl and then fill up your plastic container. Bottle with warm water. You can then put on a pair rubber gloves or large gloves. Plastic bagsIn a pinch, you can plug the top with your thumb and then place your thumb and the bottle at the pipe’s mouth. Next, take your thumb off the bottle and push the water through the pipe. For their brilliant insights, we are grateful to Delania Bellcher of Matola Mozambique. [3]
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Everybody has experienced a clogged toilet before. Perhaps you have to leave your house, and your toilet clogs right before you’re set to go. Or even worse, you’re at someone else’s house and their toilet ends up getting clogged. No matter the situation, sometimes calling a plumber is not an option. Moreover, it’s understandable not to want to spend money on professional plumbing service if it’s a clog you can reasonably get rid of on your own. For the top seven, continue reading ways to unclog your toilet without calling a plumber, and remember, for severe clogs and other bathroom service needs, Smith’s Plumbing Services is always here for you. [4]
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