(SOLVED!) How Do You Write A Rising Action In A Short Story?

In Tennessee Williams’s A Streetcar Named Desire, the rising action begins when Blanche Dubois arrives at the home of her sister, Stella, and reveals that she has, under mysterious circumstances, lost possession of their childhood home 🙈 This is the inciting incident 😎 Stanley, Stella’s husband, is immediately suspicious of Blanche, who in turn is very critical of Stanley and derides him constantly for his low class and “primitive” ways 🔥 The tension between these three characters grows over the course of the months that Blanche stays with the couple in their tiny apartment, and the mystery around the circumstances prompting Blanche’s visit also continues to grow, until one day Stanley tells Stella everything he’s having has heard about Blanche’s sordid past from others: that she was fired from her teaching job for having an affair with a seventeen-year-old boy, and began working as a prostitute at a local hotel. As it is unclear what each of the characters will do to this new information, tension rises. Stanley confronts Blanche, and Stanley rapes Blanche. This is the climax of the play. [1]
Leo Tolstoy’s novel Anna Karenina, draws two major stories. When Vronsky begins having intense feelings for Anna rather than Kitty, the main storyline starts to take shape. Vronsky and Anna are introduced at the railway station. They begin a secret relationship. As their love affair turns into an obsession, the action escalates and Anna leaves her husband and son to go live with Vronsky. They were the heirs. second storyline is about Kitty’s refusal of the marriage Konstantin Levin’s proposal. She returns to the country to reflect on her life and confronts inner conflicts while making her final decision. This was last edited by Tomasz Richardey (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan), 59-days ago [2]
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Step 6: Lead up to your First Pinch-point/Main Confrontation.In a superhero movie, the villains will often take notice of the hero because of what happens during the Rising Action—acts of heroism that either interfered with their nefarious deeds or that appear to be a threat. The Antagonist Force, similarly, should notice the protagonist. If the antagonist forces are not apparent to either the protagonist nor the reader, they must be placed on a collision course. And that Main Confrontation should peak its head right at the very highest point of growth/progress/development that your character will have achieved through the Rising Action. [3]
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Based around an Article from aboutwriting.orgYour plot is composed of actions, decisions, and incidents that result from protagonists’ efforts to resolve the problem. The impact and potential consequences of rising action should be increasing over time until the story reaches a conclusion. This is easiest to see in action movies: first a fist fight, then an aeroplane strafes the Eiffel tower, then a gun battle as nukes blow up the moon… you get the idea. However, this can make it appear that bigger explosions are the only way to increase action. To make an action rise, it has to be driven by a problem in your life and must have roots in something that is missing. [4]
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