How Does A Clinical Nurse Leader Influence Patient Care? [Solved]

To become a leader and expert, it is important to specialize in an area of focus in healthcare 😁 The CNL career path is ideal for established nurses who strive to be the best patient caregiver 😁 The ideal pathway for nurses is a Master of Science degree in nursing with a track for Clinical Nurse Leader. This programme prepares nurses for the CNL certification exam. Nurses wishing to work as a CNL are required to hold a master’s degree and have the potential of earning an annual salary that is almost $20,000 higher than RNs without master’s degrees.2 [1]
Although the CNL’s implementation can vary from one setting to another, it does not require management or administration. CNL functions as a generalist and not the highly-specialized CNS. CNL is a member of a microsystem that assumes responsibility for the healthcare outcome for clients in a particular unit. Application of research-based information to designDevelop, implement and evaluate care plans for clients. CNL works with the front line staff in order to provide safe and effective patient care. CNL plans, executes, and monitors client care. It provides greater knowledge and involvement in patient-centered, patient-services, and patient satisfaction. CNLs can lower healthcare costs and improve the quality of healthcare as well as increase satisfaction among patients at both facility and unit level. Meganne Champion, Astrakhan (Russia) last updated 38 days ago [2]
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The experts reported the following: online.ben.eduThis study was designed to present the results of a systematic review that examined the relationships between nurse leadership and patient outcomes. An earlier review revealed that only seven studies examined the relation between nursing leadership practices and patient outcomes. A search was made in electronic databases from 1985 to 30 April 2005. This review updated the evidence by including the results from studies published between 31 July 2012 and 1 May 2005. 13 of the 20383 potential relevant titles found in an online database were found to meet the search criteria. Between 1999 and July 2012, 20 studies were published. All but five of them were done in English. United StatesThe other two being done in Canada and Norway. [3]
According to experts intechopen.comThe future of healthcare is uncertain as many systems face complex and multiple challenges. The ever-evolving systems, increased patients’ disease acuity, technology innovation, and the increase in the costs of health care are some of the problems that need to be addressed. The priority is to improve and sustain the quality of the care that’s provided. It is essential to lead in healthcare in this new era of continuum. Everyday, leaders are faced with challenging problems and need to use critical thinking. Leadership decisions can have significant consequences. Patient lives. Particularly, healthcare leaders need to be able to effectively navigate complex healthcare systems. Solving problems and making decisions related to issues from cost to quality Access to healthcare services. Leaders must be well trained and prepared to make appropriate decisions when needed. For their incredible insights, we are truly grateful to Jeny Toledo of Kemerovo in Russia. [4]

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