(SOLVED!) How Does A Landlord Do A Credit Check?

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While not necessarily related to how and why landlords should conduct credit reference checks, it’s a question you’re sure to ask 👍 Usually, when discussing credit reference reports and the data they hold people want to look at their own and make sure they are correct 😎 You can indeed look at your own credit report and you are encouraged to do so. It allows you to verify that your credit report is current and correct. This will also highlight potential problems with getting credit. If you’re unlucky enough to be a victim of identity theft, your credit report is one of the first places you’d notice it. [1]
Full credit report will contain a variety of information including any outstanding loan agreements, a credit scoreYou can see your financial history and view missed and late payments. You can view only a portion of your credit report. The full credit report can only be viewed by the individual being investigated and credit lenders such as banks. It also includes a comprehensive financial history for the last 6 years. The credit report you receive does not contain any personal information, such as your identity. bank accounts and the balances thereof, as well as how much your salary is, along with your criminal/medical history. Dedric Dedrarosa revised the above information October 6, 2021. [2]
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A new discovery at This shows that rent payment information has been available on certain Credit Reports in recent years. Landlords enrolled in these schemes will be able to see rent There are no payments that were reported from previous tenants, so it is more important than ever to ensure rent payment on time. As a rule though, landlords will not see nearly the same level of detail when checking your Credit Report that a potential lender would – they have won’t find out what credit accounts you hold or how they have been managed in the past (unless lack of payment has triggered more serious action such as court proceedings). Dustn Ng, Nanyang Henan (China) last updated this page 98-days ago [3]
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Unless I’m completely comfortable with my prospective tenants, I don’t bother wasting time on trying to convince myself they’ll result in being good tenants, even if a letting agent tries to convince me otherwise. Common sense and a landlord will have a greater success rate in finding tenants than an average letting agent. It is simply because we care more about the investment that they do. We inherently rely on our gut instinct, while most letting agents have no emotional attachment, so they’ll purely rely on the numbers. Both sides have their arguments, but my experience shows that the gut instinct gives a better picture than any other method of referencing. Modified by Arnetra plumer May 4, 2020 [4]

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