[SOLVED] How Does Jim Collins Define Great?

Here are the facts of life about these and other change myths šŸ˜‰ Companies that make the change from good to great have no name for their transformationĀ—and absolutely no programme šŸ˜ They neither rant nor rave about a crisisĀ—and they don’t manufacture one where none exists šŸ¤“ They don’t Ā“motivateĀ” peopleĀ—their people are self-motivated. ThereĀ’s no evidence of a connection between money and change mastery. And fear doesn’t drive changeĀ—but it does perpetuate mediocrity. Acquisitions cannot provide the stimulus to greatness. Two great companies can never be made of mediocrities. Technology is certainly importantĀ—but it comes into play only after change has already begun. And as for the final myth, dramatic results do not come from dramatic processĀ—not if you want them to last, anyway. It is unlikely that a serious revolution will bring about an ongoing leap in quality from good to great. [1]
All of the great-to-great executive were made from one cloth. It didnā€™t matter whether the company was consumer or industrial, in crisis or steady state, offered services or products. It didnā€™t matter when the’s having transition taken place or how big the company. At the time they were transitioning, all the great-to-great businesses had at least Level 5. The absence of level 5 leadership was also a common pattern among the comparators. The absence of Level 5 leadership in comparison companies is contrary to the conventional wisdom. Personalities to transform companiesIt is crucial to remember that Level 5 refers only to empirical findings and not ideologies. This was amended by Sean Allen, Hargeysa Somalia on March 15, 2020. [2]
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Keep in mind, as you look for your concept, that the great companies had mastered their Hedgehog Concept without the annoying, tiresome bravado of comparison firms. ā€œYep, we could be the best at thatā€ was stated as the recognition of a fact, no more startling than observing that the sky is blue or the grass is green. If you have your Hedgehog Concept perfect, the sound will have the quiet, precise pinging of truth. It is like one, clearly struck, beautiful note floating in the silence of an auditorium after the conclusion of the silent movement of the Mozart piano concerto. You don’t need to add much; the silence speaks for itself. Lisa Adams (Nairiyah in Iraq, April 28, 2021), edited. [3]
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Viola Goes to monkhouseandcompany.comExplains how, just this morning, I was talking to a client that demonstrated Level 5 leadership. Yes ā€“ his business model His success was impressive and his growth was quick. He’s seeing the greater rewards in helping more people. His business was a way for him to accomplish this. It was exactly the same when I look back at my time as Peer 1’s MD. It was amazing. We scaled from zero to Ā£30 million in five years. My satisfaction was derived from the positive changes made in the lives of those who worked with me. This is where they ended up. Many people saw our business as a way to get ahead. It was an opportunity for them all to achieve greater, better and more important things. Just thinking about this gives me goosebumps! Iā€™m so proud of this personal impact. Reviewed by Amy Davis, Durg Bhilainagar (India) on January 29, 2021 [4]
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