how does single sign on work saml?

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Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, or LDAP (lightweight directory access protocol) in the industry is a standard for organizing and querying directory information. LDAP makes it possible to centrally manage users, systems and other resources. LDAP doesn’t define authentication protocols, so it is not able to define how users log in. However, it is often part of authentication. access control processes. To query for users and their groups, such as LDAP, to determine if they have access to a resource or not, is one example. OpenLDAP and other LDAP software provide authentication via support for authentication protocols like Simple Authentication and Security Layer.
As you can see, the government serves as an identity provider while the airline acts as a service provider. This is your SAML assertion. A government ID application requires you to fill in a form. You also need your photograph taken and, depending on the circumstances, your fingerprints. This information is stored by the service provider and issued to you as a physical identification. When you get to the airport, your identification (SAML) is checked by the service provider. As long as your information is included, the airline will accept your identification. The passport or identity card must pass scrutiny to be considered valid. After authentication is successful, you can board the airplane. This was made possible by Netra Roe, who pointed it out.
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The IdP Wizova uses is Auth0. In this scenario, Wizova would be the identity provider. Salesforce is the service provider. Wizova employees sign in to the Wizova dashboard using Auth0. Salesforce recognises when the user clicks on the Salesforce icon and allows them to login via SAML. Salesforce will send the employee back to Auth0 with a SAML Request that asks Auth0 will authenticate the user. Auth0 authenticates the employee who has previously signed up with Auth0. Salesforce sends a SAML Response to Auth0. This response is checked by Salesforce and granted access to the employee if all goes well.