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How Fast Do Norway Spruce Grow? (RESOLVED)

The cuttings are quick and easy to plant 😎 They are provided with a slanted cut at the base and a straight cut at the top to make insertion into the ground easier and distinguish top from bottom 😊 You can push them into the soil, then firm in 😎 You will not need to support them πŸ˜‰ For firmer soils, simply cut a vertical slice with a spade. Push the cutting down to the bottom and then firm up by walking. You can also make a very narrow hole using a spike or bar. Once the cutting has been pushed into the ground, it will be well-firmed. You can also use a subsoil blade or mole-plough to push the cuttings into loose soil. [1]
You can grow it in any zone between 2-7. However, some areas of the south are too warm to support this species. You can see them in all kinds of soils. They are tolerant to clay and hold water well. The best conditions for them to grow are a soil pH between 7.5 and 9. This species is more sensitive to water than others and can tolerate higher levels of moisture. It does not thrive in areas where soil is always wet and swampy. Dylan Cook (Shizuishan in China, August 24, 2021), revised [2]
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Norway Spruce is a long-cherished tree for its strength and fast growth. The wood can be used in paper making, structural lumber and speciality products such as tonewood for string instrument strings. Its high quality is due to the fact that it has a very high price. Economic and cultural Norway Spruce is a valuable gymnosperm that was first to have its genome sequenced. The popular Norway Spruce is also known. Christmas tree Because of its dense branching. Oslo, Norway’s capital, gives a huge Norway Spruce each year to Edinburgh, London, Washington, D.C. To be used for Christmas trees. These 50 year old trees are a symbol of thanks for Britain and the United States’ aid during World War II. Modified by Terry Foster (Jodhpur, India) on March 20, 2020 [3]
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Norway Spruce grows well in full sunlight and can be adapted to most soils that are well drained. It is recommended that the soil be neutral to slightly acidic. Mulch can be added to the soil after planting. Mulch should not touch the trunk. This increases pest and disease chances. Water your new tree Deeply water the tree at least once a week during its first two months. Your tree will become a living thing once it is established. Need watered If the soil is not dry. This Spruce Tree is drought tolerant once established. Fertilize when planting In early spring each year with slow release fertilizer. Norway Spruce can withstand wind and cold. [4]

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