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How High Is Mt Katahdin? (SOLVED!)

People from near and far have heard of Mount Washington — the highest point in the Northeast, some of the strongest winds in the world, and mountain views that can leave even the staunchest of hiking skeptics breathless. A little over 200 miles to the north, there’s a mountain which draws visitors from every state. It is located in the countryside of Maine, near the Baxter State Park forests, and offers trails more like a game or rocky hopscotch. It’s a mountain that has been standing tall for over 400 million years, shaped and sculpted by glaciers, and whose Penobscot name means “greatest mountain.” It’s Mount Katahdin, the centerpiece of 235,000-acre Baxter State Park in north-central Maine and, as the highest mountain in the state (5,267 feet), one of the great pinnacles of New England hiking 👍
The route is extremely exposed. Many people have died trying to traverse it in bad weather or high winds. Once you’ve started, do not try to get off the ridge. Hiking Knife Edge across and back is not recommended due to its difficulty and the amount of time it adds to the hike – it takes approximately 1 to 1½ hrs. You can go one way. Knife edge is accessible from Roaringbrook Campground. You can hike it on the Hunt or Abol Trails means ending Roaringbrook Campground can be found about an hour drive from the vehicle. We do not provide shuttle service. This trail does not have water. This trail was last emended by Bryon Hoppper, San Miguel De Tucuman (Argentina) 45 days ago.
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Katahdin, an impressive granite fortress soaring to the highest peaks of the skyline in the south is the most striking. Its form is horseshoe-like and the northeasterly facing end has an open section. You can click this link for an excellent overview picture. There are five major peaks that make up the horseshoe. These are: Howe Peak. Hamlin Peak. South Peak. South Peak. South Peak. Katahdin’s dominant feature and most intimidating is the Knife Edge. It is a jagged edge that measures just a few feet in height and allows for a remarkable traverse between South Peak and Pamola Peak. Katahdin, a highly-respected destination, is frequently climbed. This page was last modified on 35/07/2018 by Zebulen Hell from Zaragoza in Spain.
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Katahdin is a challenging hike that appeals to peakbaggers or highpointers. There are eight main routes that can be climbed. The Hunt/Appalachian Trail is the easiest, and it’s a long, 1,000-foot climb up a boulder field. To aid climbers who are unable to complete the most challenging parts of this scramble, iron rungs were also added. Baxter Peak is the summit. The Hunt Trail goes 5.2 miles to this point. Nearly half the distance is above treeline. This route may also be used by hikers from Georgia who are looking for the last push to their Appalachian summit. Kaci Sauer (Haicheng, China), last updated 19 days ago
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