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How High Should Kitchen Pendant Lights Hang Over Island? [TOP ANSWER!]

Tip 3: Use the Rule of Three! One of the basic design guidelines to achieve a balance is to repeat elements three times 😉 It does however seem that every new kitchen now has a kitchen island with three little hanging lights 👍 It is possible to break the rules, but with some imagination and creativity you can come up with something unique 🤓 It is important to consider the scale and amount of work involved. Light you need. You could hang 2 larger pendants on your smaller island. The key is to find the right balance, and bring all of the elements together. For ideas on what you could do in your kitchen, take a look to some kitchen magazines. [1]
After you have completed the following steps: know the overall length you’d like your light to be then you need to determine if the pendant or chandelier you’ve chosen comes with a shade or if you need to purchase one separately. You can enter the desired length of the shade on the product page for the light fixture before placing your order. If the shade is not included, you can figure out the length you need for the fixture by subtracting the height of the shade you’ve chosen from your overall length. You will get the required length for your fixture. [2]
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A new article by drivenbydecor.comIt is just as important to have the pendant lights above your island at the correct height and spacing as you do with the type of lighting. Ever since finishing up our kitchen remodel, I’ve gotten questions almost weekly about the best pendant light height and how far apart to hang them. Here’s a post I wrotetten about the placement of our pendants on our island kitchen and some tips to help you do it correctly in your home. I’ve also gathered together some of my favourite kitchen pendants to give those of you planning a kitchen remodel a head start! (Post includes affiliate links. Disclosure statement available.) We are grateful to Kimbery Aranda for sharing their knowledge. [3]
While ceiling lights and wall lights are more popular in hallways, they can still be used elsewhere. The height of the lights will depend on how far people need to go to see them. Hanging pendant lights, such as one or two, at the eye level of an entry mirror will be a good idea. You don’t want to knock your head on these but you also don’t want them too high. Hang pendant lights that you will be able to see from below at 2.4m. (But, more on ceiling heights). This was pointed out by Toni Pelletier, Louisville, United States. [4]

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