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how is foie gras?

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Although foie gras has historically come from force-fed geese, most foie gras farms now raise ducks—mule, Muscovy, and genetically manipulated, sterile birds called “moulards.”2,3 Farmers have found that they can sell more than just the ducks’ fattened livers: Ducks’ legs, breasts, fat, and skin are all marketed for (mostly French) speciality foods 😎 The bodies of geese, however, age too quickly to be used for some of these foods 😁4 Today, in France, only 4 percent of foie gras comes from geese 🔥5 It is common, however, for geese to be raised for their down as well as for foie gras; birds with white feathers are preferred for this purpose.6 [1]
The ducks and geese are treated gently, and with great care. Although the feed tube is flexible and causes minimal pain, the birds are as healthy and happy as animals raised for human consumption. This method of feeding is much more humane than the way other farm animals are treated. Like all things, our choices about what we eat are personal. It is up to us to choose what we like. Krystalyn Krenshaw (Ilorin, Nigeria), last updated this 5 days ago [2]
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When it is cold, the butter spreads out like the most delicious and richly flavorful butter in the world. It melts in your mouth when hot and is crisp and sweet. It’s also how it’s is making. To get the liver to increase by 600%, ducks have to be forced fed in gavage. A long, metal tube like the one in the photo is forcefully inserted inside the duck’s mouth. Times a day and a large amount of food You can then stuff the liver into your bird’s stomach until it takes over the majority of its body cavity. Ashey Neff (Tianshui, China), last updated 16 days ago [3]
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Important that you get new research from The following describes how California, with the help of our friends and assistance from other organizations became the first state in America to ban foie gras. Despite the ban, those in the Golden State can still get the cruelly obtained dish delivered, but we’re working to close that loophole, including by urging the attorney general to file an appeal. You can act, too: Ducks and geese—who fall in love and stay with the same partner for life—need consumers like us to say no to foie gras. To encourage your family members and friends to do the same, share this page. Sun Nicholas, for his kind words and encouragement, is truly appreciated. [4]
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