How Is Genoa Salami Made? [Solved]

After you give salami the required shape and encased it, fermentation (slow acidification process) will start, so that the salami can getting the flavoursrr we all love and recognize 😉 What happens is chemistry, basically, with different chemical reactions taking place 🔥 This process can take about 35 hours. During this time, the lactic acid will increase the meat’s pH. The pH value must be between 5.0 to 5.3 in order for fermentation to occur. You can easily test it out using pH stripes—if the pH is too high, then let it ferment 10 more hours. [1]
It is my second attempt to make Marianski’s salami Milano. Both of these attempts proved to be very successful. I’m quite happy with the final results. This salami has very little garlic and pepper. The beef and pork flavor are allowed to shine through and the spices don’t get in the way. This flavoursrr profile is very good and natural. It is important to select the finest quality, freshest meat for this type of dry cured salami. It’s something I’m thinking I would like to do one day. Try pasture raised beef This recipe calls for pork and chicken. For now, you can use regular meat from your local butcher. [2]
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More reading available twoguysandacooler.comSo let’s get to the meat. Lean pork is used in this recipe, as well as lean beef. Because I want to control fat, I’m doing this. Lean pork can be made from the ham or picnic as well as the loin. You could also use whatever else you have. You can use the shoulder but that’s going to change the fat ratio as the shoulder (Boston Butt) has about a 30% fat content in it already, the belly (where bacon comes from) has roughly 50% fat in it. So for now let’s just stick to lean pork. Lean beef is the same. Make sure you trim the fat off a roast. I like to use eye of round (generally because it’s on sale!). We can finally talk about fat. Back fat is the best kind of fat for salami. This is the fat that can be found on the…. Back.. It’s a hard fat with a higher melting point That is leaf fat, or lard. If you have a butcher in your town (and I’m almost positive that you do) I think it’s about time that you walk into their shop and introduce yourself. Both of you are set to make great friends. (last edited 30 days ago, by Sholom Ston of Kozhikode in India). [3]
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Deli meats were a part of the culinary world For a while, I had forgotten about it. I’ve always thought of myself as a bold, adventurous cook, and my forays into the sandwich world attempted to reflect this. I’d always use some “fancy” leftover meat or an array of cheeses and vegetables that tried to prove something. Alternately, I’d make myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. There was no middle ground. It was only at a party that I realized this. I was happily munching on a pretty normal party tray of cheese, salami, and crackers when I foundad found myself thinking, “darn, this is pretty good.” My culinary mind immediately started scrambling and searching for ways to showcase the ingredients I was enjoying. [4]
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