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How Long Before You Should Propose? (Solved)

Whether you’ve been officially dating “the one” for a few months or the better part of the last decade, you might be wondering how you’ll know when you’ve entered the “sweet spot,” that is the right time to get engaged 🙈 When folks on your Facebook feed start flaunting a diamond ring after seeing someone for under a year, while high school sweethearts you know stay ringless for decades, it’s no surprise you’re confused 😉 And experts agree that there is no magic number 😊 “There are some couples who know on the first date that they’ve found the one and get engaged quickly, while others take the time to get to know someone well before putting a ring on it,” says online dating expert and digital matchmaker Julie Spira. [1]
If you and your partner have been together for many years, you or your partner may be feeling antsy about when to propose. Remember that every couple is on a different timeline, so what seems like “too long” for some couples might be totally okay for another. Especially if you and your partner first started dating at a young age, you may need time to start your careers and become financially stable before getting engaged—and that can take time. However, if your partner is dropping hints or has given you an ultimatum, you’ll need to evaluate the relationship and whether or not you want to move forward. It’s not fair to string your partner along if you have no intention of proposing, unless you’re both okay with not getting married. Again, open communication is key here—discuss your concerns with your partner so you can talk about your future as a team. (last revised 2 weeks ago by Aimie Stauffer from Kakinada, India) [2]
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According to Marquetta Moore from, people are putting off marriage longer for economic reasons. “Marriage is a big expense. Many find the economy unstable and their jobs not secure and are hesitant to spend savings or their parents’ money on a big wedding,” says Hendrix. A 2017 study by the Pew Research Center found that roughly half of never-married adults ages 18 to 29 cite financial instability as a major reason why they are not married. That makes sense, considering the national average cost of a wedding ceremony in 2018 was $44,105, according to the Brides American Wedding Study. With student debt rates higher than ever—Americans owe over $1.64 trillion in student loans—paying those off or at least making a dent in them is something many would like to accomplish before saying “I’m doing.” [3]
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Natisha Elder at, describes how you start dating a person when you find them interesting and they are interested in you too. You go out for dinners, movies, shopping and find several other ways to spend time with each other. These days, a lot of people tend to forget that asking a person out on a date and proposing to them are two entirely different things. A proposal has a lot more gravity than just asking them out. When you propose to someone, it means you are asking them to get married and spend the rest of their life with you. So, the big question is how long should you date before proposing? (last modified 85 days ago by Kyrie Devine from Padova, Italy) [4]

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