how long do betta fish live in wild?

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Your betta’s lifespan can be extended by good care and eating a nutritious diet. But don’t overfeed it, as too much food can cause fatty liver disease (hepatic lipidosis), which can shorten your betta’s life span 😁 Keeping the water clean by performing frequent water changes will help, especially if your betta is kept in a non-aerated aquarium 😁 Exercising can increase the lifespan of bettas 😎 A gentle flow through the tank will provide resistance for swimming. But the flow should not blow the betta about the tank. Even so, it’s rare for a betta to live more than five years. So if your fish only lives a year or two after you purchase it, don’t assume you’ve been a bad owner. That’s a perfectly normal lifespan.
Rumours that they are easy to care for have been exaggerated. Bettas don’t thrive in tiny puddles in the wild—though during the dry season when streams dry up, some wild bettas do survive by puddle-hopping—and therefore prefer a tank of at least 2.5 gallons. However, more is always better. They have won’t be happy or healthy. Living in so-called “self-contained ecosystems,” confined in a vase with nothing but a plant on top to feed them—their natural diet is insects and larva, not roots. Bettas require filtration, warmth, enrichment, regular cleaning and tank maintenance. You can find many fish tanks, even one that is stuffed with a pet, that are not large enough to provide the right size for your fish. Some fish owners won’t even bother to educate their animals and keep them in their tupperware containers.
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