how long do you pay child support in hawaii?

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Child support is payments made to the parent that has custody of a child by the other parent. The parent that makes child support payments is commonly referred to as the Payor (Child Support Enforcement Agency refers to Payors as “Responsible Parent” or “RP”). The parent that receives the child support payments is commonly referred to as the Payee (Child Support Enforcement Agency refers to Payees as “Custodial Parent” or “CP”) 🙈 Where the parties have equal timesharing, or the Payor has extensive visitation, a different child support formula is used 😉 See our Custody and Visitation page to read about joint custody and extensive visitation. Experienced child support attorneys can help you understand child support in Hawaii, whether you are paying or receiving child support. [1]
The administrative process begins with a proposed administrative order being sent to the parties by certified mail. If the parties are not served by certified mail, an attempt is made to personally serve the proposed administrative order on the parties. If both parties cannot be served, the administrative process stops and further action cannot be taken until information on where the party can be served is obtained by the CSEA. When a party is served, he/she has the right to request an administrative hearing if the party disagrees with the proposed administrative order. The request for an administrative hearing must be made within ten (10) days of being served with the proposed administrative order. When a request for an administrative hearing is received, a hearing is scheduled only when both parties have been served. If both parties have been served and no one has requested a hearing, the proposed administrative order is processed as an uncontested action. [2]
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A new paper from shows that you also need to know the custody arrangement, in other words, how much time each parent will spend with the child, before you can calculate support. There are a variety of ways to share parenting time, but the guidelines calculate support differently if the parents share equal time (meaning, the child lives with each parent 50% of the time), close to equal time (where the child stays with the noncustodial parent between 143 and 183 nights a year) or have a split custody arrangement (where the parents divide the kids between them, for example mom takes the older child while dad has the younger child). (last modified 58 days ago by Jonpaul Helms from Brisbane, Australia) [3]
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Further to the above, hawaii has a state agency that is dedicated to nothing but child support enforcement. It’s called the Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA), and it’s part of the Department of the Attorney General. CSEA works to enforce many state and federal laws about child support payments. To that end, it uses an administrative (meaning, non-judicial) process to determine paternity of children, establish and modify child support obligations, act as a clearinghouse and distribution point for child support payments (to ensure that payments are tracked and parents don’t have to write checks directly to each other), and enforce child support once it’s been ordered. CSEA will leap into action when it learns that a paying parent is shirking the duty to pay child support. (last emended 39 days ago by Melaine Metcalf from Sakarya, Turkey) [4]
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(e) The responsible or custodial parent for which child support has previously been ordered shall have a right to petition the family court or the child support enforcement agency not more than once every three years for review and adjustment of the child support order without having to show a change in circumstances. The responsible or custodial parent shall not be precluded from petitioning the family court or the child support enforcement agency for review and adjustment of the child support order more than once in any three-year period if the second or subsequent request is supported by proof of a substantial or material change of circumstances. (last edited 27 days ago by Jennelle Madison from Panipat, India) [5]

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