(SOLVED!) How Long Does A Pest Control Treatment Last?

When we talk about General Pest Control, we are talking about extermination of common insects found in the home. This includes insects like spiders, moths, roaches, silverfish, roli polis, and more. When people think of pest control, this is usually what they visualize. It often involves a spray that the technician applies to the baseboards and sometimes exterior of the property. This is meant to keep insects from entering the home. This type of treatment lasts a few months, and typically needs to be deployed quarterly to make sure that the home stays protected. For more specific information about our General Pest Control Treatments, call us at (888) MRCLEGG! [1]
Overall, the frequency of your pest control treatment for your home or business depends on your location, your home or business size, the weather (such as rain), and the type of pest (as not all insects need the same treatment). Additionally, much of Smithereen’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach involves understanding what pests are plaguing a location, eliminating the conditions that have led to any infestations, and assessing sites repeatedly to ensure that new pest problems don’t develop. So instead of asking how long does pest control last, it makes more sense to figure out how often do you really need pest control to keep an issue from coming back. (nice one to Barrett Huddleston having pointing this out to us). [2]
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As reported by the industry experts from aaipest.com, a few ants here and there doesn’t seem like a big deal at the time. But when you get an ant infestation, the problem becomes harder to fix for a pest control company. Like many pest control treatments, they don’t last forever. When it comes to an ant infestation, AAI Pest control will need to visit your home or business regularly to ensure that the ants do not return. We suggest monthly visits depending on the severity of the ant infestation. Our team will work hard to locate the source of the ants to prevent future infestation problems. Once we have the pests under control, we suggest quarterly visits from a pest control company. (emended by Jamol Vanhorn on March 29, 2020) [3]
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Hybridpestcontrol.com goes on to describe how pests can be a real annoyance and irritation if you ignore them do not act immediately on first sight. They can harm your furniture, infect the food and maybe the root cause of many issues that would always try to stay away from. There are most of the pets who can spread many deadly diseases if they come in contact with any eatables. Hence it is advised not to wait for too long and get in touch with the best Residential Pest Control Service in Salt Lake City, UT like Hybrid Pest control, for a comprehensive range of pest removal solutions at affordable prices. (we truly thank Jayme Devine having pointing this out to us). [4]
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